Nerull is god of death, darkness, murder, and the underworld. He is known as the Reaper, the Foe of All Good, the Hater of Life, and the Bringer of Darkness. His symbol is a skull and scythe.


Nerull is usually seen as a black-robed skeleton, with a rust-red body and green, ropy hair. He carries a staff called “Lifecutter” that at his command grows a scythe blade made of scarlet energy. His alignment is Neutral Evil. Nerull is the patron deity of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain.


Nerull’s bitter enemy is Kelron. He is insanely jealous that the ruler of Thinul worships Kelron. At one point he believed that Kelron had unlocked the path to converting everyone in Danurium to good. In a fit of rage he cursed the world and waged permanent war on Kelron’s followers.




Nerull’s faithful believe they will be rewarded for acts of murder, for every living thing is an abomination in the eyes of the Reaper.


Nerull is the patron deity of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain. Most common folk do not worship or propitiate him, although they fear him greatly. It is believed that any form of appeasement will merely draw his attention, something that is at all costs to be avoided by the sensible. Nerull seems, in fact, to draw power from the very avoidance of his name. Some of the peasants of Thinul do propitiate Nerull with minor rites, begging safe passage for the souls of the dead.


Nerull’s clerics are feared throughout the lands as cold, calculating murderers. Named clerics of He Who Revels in the Slaying of the Living include Moreste, Caden…. They are secretive and often solitary. When not in disguise, they dress in the same rust-red hue as the bones of their god.
Those who would become priests of Nerull must undergo an arduous initiation that climaxes in being buried alive for a time.


Nerull’s Temples are hidden and usually subterranean except in the most evil lands, as befits the god of darkness and the underworld. Well known cults of Nerull include the Crismon Sickle, which seeks, among other things, to undermine the Kelron Monks.


Services to Nerull are ghastly things performed in absolute blackness, featuring litanies of fear and suffering. Murder is done as an homage to the Reaper.

Holy Days

Nerull has few known holy days:
The Blood Moon Festival. This night, on XXXXXX, is particularly sacred to Nerull.


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