Kelron is the god of life, light, mind and body. He is known as Sol and the Enlightened One. His symbol is a sun and ankh.


Kelron is usually seen as a white-robed human, with a long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He carries a a staff called “Mindbender” that at his command grows to a war hammer made of lightning. His alignment is Lawful Good. Kelron is the patron deity of those who seek the greatest good for the betterment of everyone.


Kelron’s bitter enemy is Nerull. He is frustrated that Danurium is littered with the pagans of Nerull. After unlocking the path to convert followers of Nerull to the light. Nerull cursed Danurium and swore to wage war against Kelron to rid Danurium of his followers.




Kelron’s faithful believe they will be rewarded for acts of kindess, for every living thing is worthy in the eyes of Kelron.


Kelron is the patron deity of those who seek the greatest good for everyone. Most common folk worship or propitiate him. He is loved dearly by his followers. Kelron seems to draw power from those that love others and who show extreme discipline over their mind and body.


Kelron’s clerics are revered throughout the lands as warm, generous bringers of good deeds. Named Clerics of Sol include Bee…. They serve in the Thinul church and have allegiance to the King and Kelron.

Those who would become priests of Kelron must give up all worldly possessions and submit to the church for life.

Kelron Monks operate outside the church and are focused on the discipline of mind and body. They carry on Kelron’s work to find ways to rid evil from the minds of those in Danurium and unify the world in the name of Kelron. The monks have extreme battle skills and control of their psyche through arduous discipline and training. Named monks of Kelron include Brother Jeremiah, Brother Hatas, Brother Kalrorm and Brother Soild

Temples / Monasteries

Kelron’s Temples and Kelron’s Monasteries are in every major city in Thinul and the center of activities.


Services to Kelron are observed weekly and visits are encouraged daily. As is prayer and fasting in times of need. Helping others is the biggest homage to Kelron.

Holy Days

Kelron has few known holy days:


Myths and Legends


All spheres available to him. Astral, Combat, Creation, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Sun most important to him.


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