Chronicles of Danurium

Identify All The Things

They follow the noise in the corner. Ask Urgran what the sound is. Ug says “Ug Food.”.

They ask Ug where food? He moves the stone plates and unearths a gnome . They get in an argument trying to get him to stop eating the gnome. They are unsuccessful as Ug rips gnome in half and gives half to Dabonk. After Dabonk had just made food and water.

They look under the plate where the gnome was located. Looks to be a little cock pit with a lot of switches and gears.

They go to exit the room and Mortem gets electrocuted by the door. Dabonk heals him. They head down the hallway. Hit a T and head back to the room. They hear wailing. Dabonk goes to check it out. They can’t figure out what it is. They fight over asking Ug. They ask Ug. He shows them moving masks, smoke, lightning machine.

Try to go the South. Door is locked. Enter into a room, “Lit candles are scattered across the floor, The north and east walls are covered with sword cuts.” Dabonk & Zander both recognize candles made by Kelron Monks.

The candle says has mark, protect, Kelron mark. Zander shows to Dabonk. Dabonk grabs candle and hand glows. Mortem tracks foot steps, Dabonk takes candles. They head the way of the tracks.

They enter into room “3 Kelron monks covered in blood and one crawling away.” Dabonk heals the one crawling away. Zander begins praying. Mortem searching the room. Monk says “through the gate before it is too late”. He shouts ,“go through gate before its too late”. Dabonk performs last rite.

Dabonk heads back to go light candles to create the gate. Kelron tells Zandar to pursue the source and not to use the gate.

Zander opens the door to the north. They follow the hallway. “The Emerald Guild” killed six ogres here”. They go through a door and realize it was the door they struggled with and is only one way. Dabonk is angry about gnomish design. They walk through hall and get teleported back to the main gate.

They haul their way back down. Exhausted they decide to rest. Dabonk casts Detect Charm and sees that Urgran is charmed. Orc wakes up and runs to door. Then takes off running. Big trouble. Dabonk chips rock off wall, casts light on it and throws it down hall.

They see a Gargoyle, gargoyle. Jimmy Wayne decides to study and get a reduce spell ready. Zander runs down and lights a torch and drops it and runs. He starts dancing uncontrollably as he runs away. JW casts reduce and shrinks the gargoyle. Who takes off after him. Zander jumps up and punches the gargoyle stunning him. They make quick work of him. JW takes the horns cut off by Mortem.

The party rests some more. JW takes off Zanders boots. JW tries to identify boots. He can’t. They rest. Zander reads book. Dabonk lights candles. They continue to read. Kelron goodness emits to them all. JW identifies boots and finds them to be allowed to move silently, fit great and cause you to dance if you try to run away. JW identifies many items.

Two waves of ogres come and they make work of them. Lots more identification of gear is performed as the days go on. Dabonk and Zander both get massive enlightenment as they finished the book they found. It disappears as they finish reading. Mortem makes difficult work out of reading the metal bound tome. He now has a massively complex regimen of eating, sleep and exercise to follow.



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