Chronicles of Danurium

Deeper they Go. Urgan Joins.

Party resting. Hears some sounds. Zander checks all the doors and can’t find anything. As he checks last door an Orc busts in and attacks. JW casts sleep and gets 7 to sleep. Melee ensues. During battle JW charms one of the Orcs. JW asks “speak dwarvish”, he replies “kill dwarvish”. Asks in dwarfish and just gets funny looks. Orc wants foods. The party discusses what to do with the Orc while they give him a ration.

Orc, JW and Zandar take watch while others sleep. Orc gets up and starts running out. Goes down hall to door. Tells party, “masters inside. masters angry”.

Ask “who is master?” replies “masters warlords”.

masters control orcs, orcs don’t like masters, orcs serve nerull, masters serve nerull, masters afraid of nerull

Dabonk gets angry, says time to get in there.

They go in. They enter, "A stair ascends to a wooden platform in the north-east corner of the room, A large kiln and coal bin sit in the south-west corner of the room”. Orc says, “My friend kill you.” as he looks at one of the hobgoblins. Six hobgoblins in the middle of room.

Brutal battle. Nearly everyone dies. Massive healing from Dabonk. Orc takes head of leader and throws it against wall after battle. Find a bunch of 1000 silver. They crawl to the platform and have LONG rest. While they lick their wounds.

Dabonk creates food and water. They eat and get on their way.

Urgran and JW talk about what is in there. Gets promised to become Orc king of Bogkard Gruz. He leads them to the room that sinks and is confused that the gate is gone. He is distraught. They get him to get to point that he will lead them to the red robes in the tower.

They head down the stairs. “A magical mirror on the east wall answers questions with insults, Someone has scrawled a drawing of a castle on the east wall.” Detect magic shows mirror glowing. They take the mirror off the wall to look at it.

Go into "A balcony hangs from the north wall, Someone has scrawled “”/wikis/The%20Company%20of%20the%20Fang/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> The Company of the Fang looted this place" on the west wall”, 10 kobolds attack. JW uses sleep and they kill the rest. They try to leave the room and cant open the door. Use the wand to try to open with no luck.

Go back to room with the mirror and use the wand on the mirror. Seemingly no effect. Party get stuck and tries breaking mirror. They move mirror around find a stone. The stone opens a hidden compartment with a iron box. They open the iron box. Zander finds box. They give copper to the orc.

Go into room "Someone has scrawled “”/wikis/Bali/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Bali fell here" on the west wall, Numerous monstrous skulls lie within niches in the north and south walls”. Find a glyph. Read it as some sort of elven spider queen or similar. Dabonk can’t really remember. JW knows it is a glyph that can be activated.

Go into room "A tile mosaic of geometric patterns covers the floor, A pile of rotten fruit lies in the west side of the room” Find a chest with a ton of silver. Try to build a way to transport it and give up.

Follow long hall way and enter room, "A narrow pit covered by iron bars lies in the north side of the room, Numerous monstrous skulls lie within niches in the north wall “. JimmyWayne opens door and takes a dart to the body off a trap.

Wander halls. Get to dead end and see same glyph as before. Another dead end and see same glyph again. Dabonk dispels magic and wall disappears enter into "A mural of ghoulish carnage covers the ceiling, Someone has scrawled “Upon the ”/wikis/Night%20of%20Jade/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Night of Jade, when light becomes shadow, the Blade of Souls shall be found" on the east wall”. Massive trap springs with scythe. Dabonk and Mortem badly hurt.

Follow the hallway down.. Get to a door and Zandar disappears, then JW… then rest follow. Find themselves in the gate room. Try to use wand, it goes crazy and gets sucked into wall. They track back down to the large room with mural on ceiling.

Follow into hallway and set off water trap. Come back to big room. Run into another glyph. Rest fully. go back to glyph and try to dispel.. Try to cut it. Trace it. Wall disappears and they walk in.

Shriekers start screaming. They kill the shriekers. "The floor is covered with claw marks, Several torches are scattered throughout the room.” Tons of coins on the rooms. Follow hallway.

Enter into "A group of monstrous faces have been carved into the north wall, A sundered amulet lies in the north-west corner of the room.” Dabonk puts on amulet.

Follow way back find a door they can’t figure out. Keep moving through hallways until they hit room "Spirals of gray stones cover the floor, A stream of water flows through the room”.

Follow hallway. "A carved stone statue stands in the center of the room, The scent of smoke fills the room”.

Open into room with Trogodyltes. Put to sleep and attack. Taken care of business. 4000 coins, no room to carry. "Numerous pillars line the north and west walls, Someone has scrawled “Beneath the altar” in draconic script on the north wall"

Head into “A set of demonic war masks hangs on the west wall, Ghostly wailing can be heard in the north-west corner of the room”



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