Chronicles of Danurium

The Story Shifts

Based off conversation with Lord Darust, Skullman heads South in search of a druid that visits Marsilon from time to time. He searched for the better part of a day until a badger caught his eye. Following the badger into the thicket he met, Fabijan. Fabijan taught him the way of the shapeshifters. He tells him the tale of a former king of Thinul, Fergus who was a shapeshifter. That caught lycanthropy and went berserk and led to his demise. The shapeshifters descended from his knowledge and have become known as the Circle of Fergus. Fabijan shares his knowledge with Skullman and brings him into the circle.

He reveals that he has been watching and was the bear in an earlier encounter. Skullman’s respect for animals attracted Fabijan to bring him under his wing.

While Skullman was under going this transformation, the rest of the party went with Parametheus to pick out suitable land. They selected something just outside Marsilon.



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