Chronicles of Danurium

Temple of Books

Good sleep is hard to come by lately. As the party lays down to sleep a shrieking mushroom starts wailing. Zandar and Mortem seem to be mesmerized and find themselves attached to the little guy. Dabonk having none of this steps up and kills the thing. Zandar and Mortem start weeping at the loss of this dear friend. Dabonk convinces them that Kelron urged him to kill the fungus and was really all for the better.

While consoling those mourning JimmyWayne notices something moving in the next room. They see a Content Not Found: troglodyte and run into kill it. Then exhausted. Go back to sleep.

Before they can even get settled in they see something moving about in an adjacent room. Dabonk charges in and gets attacked by Content Not Found: troglodyte. Zandar kills it while Mortem takes a spear to the shoulder. After bandaging up and moving on they explore a hall and find a dead end.

Dabonk and Mortem feel there is something a miss with the wall. They diligently search the floor and wall until Dabonk finds a switch that opens it. In it they find a container. This is a book that contains the great wisdom of Kelron. It is written by Priest Content Not Found: symas (1st Kelron Priest) who was favored by Kelron and a key part of helping banishing Nerull from Danurium.

They continue to the other end of the hall and find a door that is locked. Dabonk tries to open it and they all get sprayed with gas. Mortem and JimmyWayne start to lose their vision.

Dabonk & Zandar pray to Kelron. He tells them that they carry the answers with in them. “You carry the answers of my ways upon you."

Dabonk reads book. He is compelled to continue reading.

Zandar reads book. He feels so refreshed.

They see a human turn down the hall then do a 180 and run away. They take chase after them.

They come to a room which has “When the Crismon Gate Opens, the nightmare tower shall be found” on the wall.

Zandar prays and is told. “The tower of the sickle channels all evil."

Mortem tracks the foot prints of the person they were chasing and finds a secret passage.

When entering they find 7 orcs in a room with 3 of them on a catwalk above. JimmyWayne casts sleep putting the orcs in a lull while others quickly execute them.

There are many bookcases. On them they find an odd book that is made of all metal.



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