Chronicles of Danurium

Meshach's Rising

The boys wake up and decide to go visit Oblivary to have the Vial Purple Liquid they found at Clead’s. They pay a small sum to have the vial checked out. Oblivary tells them it will take him some time to figure it out. He let’s them know that earlier in the day a traveler named Sosar was in earlier and was talking about an adventure with an underground temple.

They head back to the Farburn Inn. They find Sosor there. They agree to help escort him and get what he wants out of the temple. He agrees to let them have anything else they find.

The head to the Farburn Stable and get their horses saddled up and ride out. Along the way they see an ermine. Tas and Shook argue about what to do and Zaroc pulls out his bow and one shots it. They continue to ride until dark. When they get near where the entrance should be they dismount and look for the entrance.

They can’t find it and get frustrated. They decide to camp for the night and look in the morning. During his watch Zaroc hears something and wakes up everyone. Tas hears “I get to eat the Gnome” in Kobold. Four kobold circle the camp and attack. The party struggles to down them but finally gets it taken care of. Sosor tends to everyone wounds with some rudimentary bandages.

They go back to sleep. In the morning they wake up and eat. They are searching for the door when Zaroc finds two entwined trees with a whole in the middle leading down. Tas goes down and finds a hallway with stairs. He calls for the others to join him. They head down and begin exploring.

The first door they find is locked. Shook and Tas attempt to pick it but cant. Zaroc steps up and opens the door. In side the room are 4 hobgoblins counting out treasure. Tas and Shook try to sneak, but make noise alerting the hobgoblins to their presence. Sosor starts to chant putting several of them in a deep sleep. Shook and Tas make quick work of the fiends. They find an enormous pile of coins in the room and the chest the hobgoblins were huddled around.

They stash the chest off to the side and continue to explore. The find a room full of carcasses of dead monsters. As they dig through the corpses they are attacked by Fire Beetle’s. They notice the beetles “glow” still exists after they are dead. Sosor lets them know that the glands are valuable to apothecaries. They carve out the glands and throw them in their packs.

They continue on finding a torture chamber with a few racks and some other devices. They hear the jangling of keys. They ask Sosor what temple is this is and he tells them it is Crismon Sickle temple. Shook shows them a hole in the wall where the noise is coming from.

Tas looks in the hole and thinks he sees a rat. They can’t figure it out so go to head out, but are stopped by a closed portcullis that they cna not get open. They go back to the hole and Shook loos in and sees nothing. Tas looks in teh hole and sees a mechanism and sees it needs a square bar to operate.

The begin looking around the room and Shook finds something that might be the crank. He goes and puts it in the wall and starts turning. The portcullis starts opening. Shook tells Tas to go verify it is up all the way. The head out and find another shut portcullis. Tas puts his eye up to it to investigate and gets hit in the eye by squirting acid. Sosor tries to flush it out and apply bandages.

Shook goes back and gets the crank and comes to open the portcullis. The room is just full of empty cages with bones. The leave only to find another locked door. Shook picks the lock and enters. They see a ton of broken weapons and a collapsed ceiling. The room has another portcullis that is closed. Shook heads back and gets the crank. Tas finds the hole to operate the portcullis. Shook inserts the crank and opens it. They see something running away and start chasing it. As they pursue halflings down the hall, four jump down from the chandelier and attack. An epic battle between the party and eight halflings ensues.

Everyone is near death. Sosor attempts to bandage those he can up. They head back to the room with the broken weapons. Shook starts to make camp. Zaroc shuts the portcullis and relocks the entry door. They lay down for some rest.

On Tas’ watch he hears something and wakes everyone up. A shrieker comes into view and starts shrieking before they can put it out of it’s misery. They go back to sleep and not long before Zaroc now on watch hears something and alerts everyone.

A giant rat is climbing over the weapon heap right at them. They take care of it and go back to sleep. They get a lot of sleep and are feeling very rested. Shook re-opens the portcullis. They head down the corridor until they find a another stuck door. Shook is able to force it open. The room has the words “stay low” written on the wall. The team all ducks as they leave the room.

They find another door but can not get it open. Shook and Zaroc try brute force with no luck. Soros starts to wave his hands and mumble. The door pops open. They see a labyrinth on the floor made out of tiles. Shooks follows it and gets to a stuck door. Shook opens it and enters. A piercer falls through hitting Shook. Tas kills the slug as it starts to crawl away. They see a large chandelier, but nothing else.

They find another door in the room that seems stuck. Shook and Zaroc can not get it open with force. In a bit of a rage Shook is finally able to kick it in. It pushes into a small hallway. The hallway is filled with inscriptions that are not readable to anyone but Soros. Tas says the room is not right. Soros begins reading the inscriptions enthralled by the text.

Tas starts inspecting the stone floor. He notices several are loose and picks them up. The dirt underneath is freshly turned. He says, “something has recently been buried here”. Shook starts digging with his hands. Soros runs his hands along a few bricks and pulls one out. Behind it is a scroll that he quickly pockets. He tells the party, “I got what I came for, I am ready to leave when you are”.

Shook keeps digging until he has a set of eyes looking back at him. When they blink he passes out. Meshach says, “get off me”. Tas picks up Shook and asks Soros what is going on. Meshach asks “What day is it”. Shook tells him what day it is. Shook asks Meshach why he is buried. Meshach says, “It is my coming of age”. Shook passes out again unable to deal with a buried talking head.

Zaroc draws his bow and starts to take aim at Meshach’s head. Sosor knocks Zaroc’s bow down saying, “We are gonna need this guy.”. Tas digs up Meshach. Meshach cuts a deal to heal them and help them out in exchange for his life. Meshach starts praying. The right hands of Zaroc, Shook and Tas start burning uncontrollably. The symbol of Nerull appears on their hand that looks like a brand had made it. Then the pain disappears and they feel completely refreshed. Meshach asks where his at and Soros tells him the Temple of Drordorm.



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