Chronicles of Danurium

Hostile Takeover

Hobgoblins Take Over Mining Encampment

The party starts the day with breakfast at The Wild Pig. When asking about the best place to get laborers to build on their newly acquired land, they were referred to Blackmoor Trading Company Union. On the way to visit the union they were hailed by Sprig.

Sprig congratulated them on being new residences of Marsilon and told them that he had run into Sergius. Saying that Sergius had stopped by asking him to make a metal door, but laughs at such a thought. He then gives Gryvine a hard time about giving such a miner money as “investment”.

They party decides to head to the mine instead of the union to check on Sergius. They find him working there. He is very nervous that he has upset them by not getting a metal door for the mine. They calm his fear and tell him to get a wooden door built with a lock. He tips them off that there has been trouble at the Union today and lots of heated words have been flying among members.

The party heads back to Marsilon and is attacked by a patrol of Hobgoblin’s. They make quick work of the patrol and get back to town. As they approach the Union, they hear two dwarves arguing about what to tell the boss in Blackmoor. Gryvine asks them in Dwarvish how they can help. The union tells them that Hobgoblin’s have over taken the encampment of a new mining operation outside town. The inform them that they have plans to send for mercenaries from Blackmoor to take care of the problem.

The party offers to look into the problem for them, in order to keep mercenaries out of town. The union agrees to give them 2 days to clear the encampment and get mining operations back up and running. If they don’t hear from the party until then they will be sending for help.

As the party heads out of Marsilon and cross the bridge to the river just West of town they hear and see a giant crab, but decide to leave it alone. Shortly after they setup camp. Almost immediately they are attacked by Hobgoblin’s. Skullman is brutal with his mace taking the arm clean off one of the attackers.

As the party settles back in Myto takes watch. He takes an arrow in the throat and is unable to wake up his friends. As a patrol of Hobgoblin’s enter the camp they put another arrow in him rendering him unconscious. The commotion wakes Aldo who brings them to their death. Skullman tends to Myto bandaging him and praying for renewed health.

Everyone gets back to bed and Skullman takes watch. Shortly afterwards, another Hobgoblin patrol puts a spear in Skullman. Aldo and Myto wake up and take care of business while. In the morning they pack up and head to the miner encampment.

The Hobgoblins have 20 or more warriors in the encampment. There are no signs of the miners. There is a large triangle encampment with a tower on each corner and wooden walls for protection. The party decides what to do. Skullman taps into his spirituality with nature and calls lightning down to one of the towers. This kills a Hobgoblin and sets the tower on fire.

The Hobgoblins scramble to deal with the fire as Myto and Gryvine pick off the Hobgoblin on the other tower. The group systematically takes on Hobgoblin’s as they exit the camp. Gryvine and Aldo are critically wounded. Myto channels an inner part of his mind to gain the constitution of an elephant and helps bring down the onslaught.

By the time the party exterminated the 20+ Hobgoblin camp, all three towers and the fence burnt to the ground. The internal living structures were still in tact and Gryvine found a bone encased scroll inside one of the structures. While the party had time in the day they were too injured to continue. The rested up and bandaged wounds, calling it a night. The night was uneventful.

In the morning they headed out to clear the mine. Not far down the trail they noticed they were being followed by a wolf. Skullman connected with the wolf and started asking it why it was following the group. It replied that it was here to help. As it approached the wolf shapeshifted into Fabijan. He healed Aldo and encouraged Skullman to bless Gryvine back to normal, which Skullman promptly did. He let Skullman know that he was looking after him and was grateful that everyone was clearing this scourge from the area.

Upon arriving at the mine, they found it closed by iron doors with quality locks of the Blackmoor Trading Company Union. Assuming that the mine must have been always shut the party decided to head back to Marsilon, until they heard movement in the mine. The came to find Pavao trapped on the other side. He gave them the key under the doors and they let out the 3 trapped miners.

They loaded the miners on their mounts and headed back to the mining camp. They started to hear noise along the ridge line and saw shadows. Fearing attack they prepared to fight. Only to find the shadows were the additional 30 missing miners.

Getting back into camp the miners were distraught to see their camp burned to the ground and unhappy with the smell of day old Hobgoblin corpses. They started to pull the bodies into the middle of camp so they could burn them. The party helped doing this then loaded up with Pavao to head back to town. Pavao had instructed the miners to get mine operations back up while he goes to town to get the Union to send construction crews to reconstruct the camp.

On the way back to Marsilon, near the bridge they find giant crabs again. Skullman knows they are crab and humanoid but is unfamiliar with their language or much about them. After a brief attempt to communicate with them the party decides to move along. A dwarf on a horse approaches. Ready for combat, the party eases when Pavao shouts out to his friend and fellow union employee Kelem. Kelem let’s the Pavao know that union had given up and had sent him to Blackmoor to get mercenaries to help. He is excited about not having to make the trip and suggests hurrying back to let their boss, Danturo know that the camp is clear.

The party finds Danturo at the union and catches him up. Pavao let’s him know that three days ago the camp saw a patrol of Hobgoblins just after a group of two miners headed to open the mine. They grabbed arms and were ready to defend the camp until they saw thirty or more come over the ridge. He ran with another miner to lock the mine, while the rest of the camp headed to the top of the ridge above camp. The Hobgoblins came in and occupied the camp until the party came in and cleared the camp and got everyone out of the mine and off the ridge. He let’s him know that operations are back up and running, but that the union needs to send to Blackmoor to get construction help to fortify the camp and provide protection. Danturo is very happy to have this problem solved and lets the group know that they will be getting the best price on construction by the union for the structures they are interested in.

After this near death outing, they head to The Wild Pig for ale. They start swapping stories with Blamhammer until his wife Rotas let’s them know that adventure talk will not be tolerated tonight. Sprig who already had too many encourages everyone to drink even more. Finally, after passing out, Aldo carried him home as everyone else headed to back to Marsilon Inn.

While carrying him back, Sprig brags that he could make Aldo see many of him, because clearly he is seeing many of Aldo. Aldo wants none of it and puts him to bed and heads to the Inn. After tonight, the town of Marsilon knows it has worthy defenders.



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