Chronicles of Danurium

Gryvine Finds His Magic

Upon searching the room the party decides they can not lug this huge chest full of silver around and stash it in the corner for later consumption. They head out and continue to search the temple. They get to an end of the corridor and the stench is unbearable. It seems they stumbled upon the bathroom for the orc party.

A goblin comes at them and Myto makes quick work of him. As they continue they hear something. As they get closer they see a giant shrieking mushroom. Aldo and Myto take care of it. Shortly after two more goblins come following the noise of the shrieker. Skullman and Aldo finish them off.

The Temple of the Swamp is extremely hot and muggy. Bee passes out from dehydration. As they are tending to her another goblin comes at them that Myto makes quick work of. The bodies are stacking up!

Since they are at a dead end of the temple they decide to make camp. Gryvine and Myto take watch while the rest of the party gets some rest. Gryvine finds writing on the floor talking about a crazy Crismon Sickle priest named Caden. Lore tells of him wielding a two headed flail and fighting epic battles in the name of Nerull. Gryvine remembers that legend says that the Caden’s Flail and Caden are both buried in the temple.

A shrieker comes meandering down the hall. Myto wakes up Skullman and they eliminate the threat. They get some sleep. Eat and start out to continue searching for the Eye of the Seer. As they continue exploring an orc attacks and is thrashed by Gryvine and Aldo.

Myto notices a brick out of place and promptly pulls on it. Back down the hall the floor with the inscriptions that Gryvine had been expecting opens up and exposes a box. The box has a Crismon Sickle insignia and is locked. Gryvine reads the inscriptions and is convinced it contains Caden’s flail. He conjures up some magic and opens the box. It contains a rod that is clearly magic, but he can not tell what it does. He attempts to use it, but can’t get it to do anything. He puts it back in the box and into Aldo’s backpack.

Another shrieker emerges and is killed by Aldo and Gryvine. As they continue exploring they run into a few Orcs. Myto uses his new found anointed magic to heal. The find a hole in the ceiling that gets some dirt knocked loose to expose a small tunnel up. Myto clutches his Cloak of the Bat and turns into a bat to go up and explore. He comes back to report that the tunnel leads up to the swamp.

The get to a large room with a fire place, that looks like it has not been used in quite some time. Myto sees writing that before his very eyes changes to Elvish and reads “The idols will unleash the power of Nerull and put the Sickle on the Throne”. Myto tells everyone what he reads. They are frustrated because to them it only reads gibberish.

They continue on reaching a door that is stuck. Aldo uses brute force to get it open. The corridor is filled with smoke and Gryvine and Skullman start coughing and find it hard to breath. A shrieker is in the middle of it all. During melee Myto hits Aldo on accident.

Skullman patches up Aldo and the move along. Another shrieker is found and killed. Moving forward orcs are encountered Gryvine wields his eletrical magic and Bee commands one to run away. Gryvine shoots flames from his hands doing in anything still standing. Skullman tends to the wounded.

The find a room with “The Daggers of Caham have looted this place.” written on a wall. They attempt to open an adjacent door without much luck. Finally Myto, Aldo and Skullman team up and pull the door open. They see a group of kobold priests around an alter praying. Skullman turns into a snake, before entering Gryvine tells him to stand back. He conjures up a web than entangles all twelve kobolds who begin squealing. They start to wailing on the priests and then Gryvine unloads fire from his fists again leaving a pile of burning kobold carcass.

They leave the stench filled room and sit to eat waiting for the bodies to stop burning. They find nothing of note on the burnt bodies or in the altar room. A shrieker comes by and Skullman turns his stick into shillelagh as the battle begins.

Hitting a dead end they back track. Along the way they notice what appears to be a secret door. Skullman tries to determine if it is magic, but finds nothing. They figure out the mechanism and enter the room only to be covered by slime and alerting a vicious ogre. Skullman summons the bugs and Gryvine emits his electricity. Myto prays to Kelron and focuses on an elephant going on an elephant rampage. The Ogre is put to rest in short order. Myto realizes his elephant “skin” is now gone. They hear a human woman weeping and notice a number of cages mostly with skeletons but one with a woman.

Myto calls on Kelron to have mercy and restore her health. Bee prays to Kelron. She commands the woman to speak, but she can only utter non sense. Aldo breaks the cage open. Gryvine gently talks her out of the cage. Bee gives her some food. They all rest as the exhaustion has finally caught up with them. They wake up and eat breakfast.

The woman finally tells them her name is Jelica. She lets them that her and her husband were on teh way to Locarno from Blackmoor, when sleeping for the night in the mountains. The ogre killed her husband and then brought her back here. Gryvine tells her that they will take her back to Marsilon and then get her transport to Blackmoor.

They take the furs off the ogre and Myto fashions a large sack out of them. They collect all the treasure in the room and put in this newly fashioned sack. Myto extracts the teeth out of the Ogre (all 30 of them). Skullman tears off a bar of one of the cages and they use it so that Myto and Aldo can carry the bag with it.

They decide to head out and start backtracking. They run into a shrieker and dispose of it. A goblin is alerted and comes running. Gryvine releases fire and electricity in an explosive display of power. It is clear that he is finding his groove as a magic wielding power house. They make their way back to the mirror.

They show it the teeth. The mirror swirls and arms extend out of it and pull the teeth in. A crystal sphere then appears hovering above the mirror. Gryvine grabs it and looks into it. He sees the events ( Betrayed at the Squid) from the Laughing Squid

The mirror says, “The eye of the seer, lets you things that are far and those that are near. It lets you see the history that you may even fear.” Bee is nervous and doesn’t want to take it, but Gryvine tells her the history of the quest ( Kings Are Not What They Seem). They exit the temple. Myto and Skullman cover up the tracks and the entrance and channel their deities to bring everyone back to health.



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