Chronicles of Danurium

Don't Worship False Idols

Our heroes wake up and decide it’s time to get out of the city for the day. They figure it’s time to find an opening for a mine or at least get some hunting in. When picking up the horses from at the stable they ask Parametheus if he would be interested in joining them for a hunt. He is ecstatic and says he needs to stop by his house to pick up his gear.

After leaving Lord Darust‘s house with Parametheus’ hunting gear they party sees Brother Hatas riding towards them from Marsilon. He alerts them that Brother Jeremiah has information concerning the idols. Gryvine decides to return to Marsilon with him to talk to Jeremiah.

The rest of the party continues on to go hunting. About a half hour down the road they are attacked by a Hobgoblin patrol. They make quick work of them between Myto work with a bow, Parametheus’ use of a cross bow and Aldo’s blade work. They saddle back up and head down the road.

Another hour down the road they see three humans approaching. They greet them as they pass. Myto notices one of them draw a bow and open fire on the party. Parametheus falls off his horse and Myto starts firing back. He picks off one and Gryvine handles the other one. The third takes off towards Marsilon at full speed. Myto isn’t able to get him before he gets out of range.

As Aldo picks the bodies clean, Myto notices something under the shirt of one of the dead. Aldo opens the dead man’s shirt to find a bag with tools of some kind. He puts them in his pouch and the party decides to head back to town.

When back in town they drop Parametheus off at the stable and head to the monastery. Gryvine and Jeremiah are busy so Hatas sends them on their way. Aldo and Skullman go to the tavern, but Myto decides to stay and meditate. During his meditation he hears from Kelron and is told he is the chosen one to fight the Drow Elves in Kelron’s name. When he is gets up to leave he realizes that his elephant curse has been lifted. He heads back to Marsilon Inn for the night.

After waiting for a few hours at The Wild Pig Skullman retires to the inn and Aldo heads over to see Sprig. While visiting Sprig he learns the tools he found on the dead man outside town are for picking locks and other unsavory activities. Sprig gladly takes them off Aldo’s hands. Aldo heads to the inn for sleep.

When Gryvine arrived at the monastery to meet with Jeremiah he learned the meeting of the all the idols. Finding out that each idol represented the seed of a different race Drow Elf, Derro Dwarf, Hobgoblin and Orc. Jeremiah tells him that he will be returning to Thinul soon and then will spend most of his time between there and Blackmoor so he can hide what is going on here in Marsilon. He reveals that Marsilon will be the epicenter of the battle and that he plans on it being a fight for the long haul, maybe even a century long. He is preparing for this. He knows that they must find out what is inside the mountain that is giving the source of power and controlling the hordes so they can destroy it.

Jeremiah indicates he believes that Gryvine and his friends are the balance of power that will let Kelron achieve victory over darkness. He asks Gryvine to do the following things:

  1. Feel out where Lord Darust sits with respect to Thortur and the struggle that is going on.
  2. Seek to find the true power Moreste and the Crismon Sickle have over which of the horde tribes
  3. Protect Marsilon from the forces of evil and keep its citizens safe
  4. Help the Kelron Monks at the Marsilon Kelron Monastery keep the Lexicon of Body and Mind safe.



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