Chronicles of Danurium

Battle at Monastery

The crew woke up this morning and headed straight to The Wild Pig where they were greeted warmly by Kalen and served their usual. That’s right they have a usual. Gryvine had been looking for Brother Jeremiah for some time and let everyone know he was going to head to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. The rest of the group decided to tag along.

Brother Hatas greeted them at the door and fetched Jeremiah for them. Gryvine showed Jeremiah the [[: | four idols]] they had found earlier. He asked if Jeremiah knew what they were. Jeremiah indicated that he thought they might be the source seed for Hobgoblin placed by Nerull. He asked if he could keep them for a bit and research them. Gryvine was more than willing to let them stay at the Monastery for identification.

The group decided to head out. Skullman rushed back in and gave Brother Hatas a rather large donation of fifty Thinul platinum. Hatas was extremely grateful and gave Skullman his blessing. On the way out the group noticed that construction had started on the expansion of the monastery. As they were watching the construction crew, they noticed a pack of humanoids heading towards the monastery from the south.

They recognized them as hobgoblins. Gryvine questioned why they weren’t coming from the mountains and everyone noticed that they seemed unusually rank and file for an attacking horde of hobgoblins. Skullman ran back into the monastery to alert the monks. Jeremiah instructed them to lock the doors behind him as he rushed out with Skullman to head into battle.

Myto and Gryvine started lobbing arrows and bolts into the advancing army as Aldo, Skullman and Jeremiah stood in front of them preparing for battle. There were over twenty in the horde attacking. Slowly but surely the group was eliminating the scourge. Myto started focusing on an elephant to tap into his new found talent, but instead of the normal result he just got his skin turned into elephant skin, grey color and all.

With about nine or so Hobgoblin’s left Gryvine started chanting and waiving his arms until five of the hobgoblins seemed to stand still in sleep. He instructed that everyone leave them alone until the remaining four were handled. Myto, Jeremiah and Aldo made quick work of what was left. Jeremiah instructed them to finish those that were “sleeping” and the battle was over. Jeremiah ripped off a Crismon Sickle insignia from the robe of one of the hobgoblins. This is what we are up against. We must extinguish this!

The quickly pulled all the bodies together and burned them so that the people of Marsilon wouldn’t stress about the attack. After getting things cleaned up they headed out to find Didar and Wilbert to deal with equipment issues. Neither were in so they stopped by Sprig’s to sell some gems. Weighed down by the Thinul gold they got from the gems they headed to the Thinulian Bank of Marsilon. Vesden treated them well as they made their deposits.

Myto headed back to the monastery to ask questions about Kelron and seeking more answers about his “ailment”, as his skin was still like that of an elephant. After deep mediation and seeking he headed back to the Marsilon Inn to sleep with everyone else.



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