Chronicles of Danurium

Trust No One. The Gate is Near.

Party decides to head East. Enter into “A stack of water-filled barrels stands against the north wall, A pair of boots lies in the north-west corner of the room.”. ”/characters/zandar" class=“wiki-content-link”>Zandar goes to check boots. Dabonk goes to check water. JimmyWayne does three steps forward three steps back. Water looks normal, smells fine.

JimmyWayne tells everyone that boots are magical and grabs Dabonk hand. JW draws something and shows Dabonk. Zandar puts on boots. Tries 3 forward two backward. Zander and JimmyWayne argue about how magic works. Dabonk tells Zandar to drink water, so he does. JW tries to detect magic on water. Sees nothing.

Zandar rolls under half open door into "Several square holes are cut into the ceiling and floor, Skeletons hang from chains and manacles against the west wall”. Dabonk follows. Zandar thinks there is a trap. They see a chest at end of room. Dabonk/Mortem set off fire trap. Dabonk gets burned. Mortem looks and finds a stone that tipped up. Mortem steps on trap and Dabonk, JW and Mortem take fire to themselves.

Zandar tries to open the box and fails. Dabonk tries to figure it out and can’t. Mortem slashes box open and silver spills every where. They leave silver. They head out the West door. Zandar pulls on door and activates trap. Falls 10’ and impales self on spike. JW tells Dabonk he is going to make him light and lower him to get the rope. Half way down Dabonk falls. Dabonk / JW start fighting. Dabonk tries to lift off and over shoots it and Zandar falls back on the spike. Tries again same thing. Dabonk heals Zandar. Dabonk lifts him up and off. Dabonk prays to Kelron. Dabonk tries multiple times to get rope and fails. Mortem ties rope around and tries pulling up. Mortem pulls both up no problem.

Zandar jumps across to other side no problem. "A toppled statue lies in the center of the room, An overwhelming stench fills the room.” Zander goes to jump back and floor drops down. Dabonk finds mechanical stuff in the west wall. Dabonk and Zander get pulled back out by Mortem.

Dabonk looks for traps. Finds good lock. Zander tries to unlock and can’t. Mortem cuts hole in door.

Zandar peaks in "The south and west walls have been engraved with glowing symbols, Someone has scrawled “left, door, right, right” on the north wall “ JW did detect magic and saw dim light. Dabonk can read it and shares “Crismon Gate Tower”.

Party starts searching room. They start melee as Orcs bust in through wall. JW puts them to sleep and they start with multiple waves. Halfway through JW tells them in Orcish to drop weapons. They instantly do and bow down. He demands “why are you attacking me”. They start to snivel and apologize profusely. “We saw movement at the gate.” “Why haven’t you done anything yet?” “We were on our way"

Zandar start praying to Kelron. JW tells him to stop. Zandar leaves room. JW tells them he is mad and upset. Demands life sacrifice. They both kill themselves. JW asks to accompany to gate. Tries open door and it is stuck. He starts running back through rooms. Runs into Zandar and falls and trips and dies on spikes. JW and Zandar start arguing.

They go back into room with runes and setup camp. They sleep for several hours. Zandar feels rumbling and wakes Dabonk. They look around and don’t see anything. Then they start talking about JW. Dabonk asks how can you trust me? Kelron speaks to Zandar. Tells him he has the mark of Zazel Brotherhood.

Dabonk & Zandar hear noises. Zander goes to look and gets hit. Kobolds attack. Dabonk says “Repent and die quick”. “Turn to Kelron and I will help you kill Nerull.” They make easy work. Zandar punching like mad man. After fight they talk abut JW.

They back track through the dungeon until they come into “The scent of urine fills the north-east corner of the room, A pair of boots lies in the north-west corner of the room.” JW tries to detect magic. Gets nothing.

Head south into "Someone has scrawled “Sharpen thy blade and ready thy shield” on the north wall, A pile of broken arrows lies in the south-east corner of the room.” JW searches room for magic. Finds glowing rectangle. Zander puts rope over it to outline it. Try picking lock. Try smashing. Try sword. Can’t break or open it. Start moving it. Outline box with broken arrows.

Zandar prays to Kelron. He is told to seek clarity. Dabonk has a feeling this has to be open. They have been given direction about sticks. Then remember a wand. They try using it without luck. JW says “Dissolve Stick”. It appears with no lock. Full of platinum.

Go North and find "Someone has scrawled “Ran out of fire sticks” in orcish runes on the south wall, A rotting odor fills the room.” Head back out and continue on.

Enter "A tile labyrinth covers the floor, A sundered mace lies in the south-west corner of the room”. Jimmy tries to detect magic. Sees glowing door. Zander tries to open and gets gassed. Tries to use iron crow bar. Nothing is opening door. Dabonk hits door with mace. They re-route another way.

Zandar opens the door. Zandar opens another door. Enters into "A carved stone statue stands in the south-east corner of the room, Someone has scrawled “The curse can never be broken” in dwarvish runes on the south wall"

Zandar disarms trap and goes down to "A forge and anvil sit in the north- east corner of the room.” As they search the room JW and Mortem fall 30’ down into pit. They pull them out. Tear mask off JW and throw in pit. Switch his clothes. They decide to camp.

JW wakes and asks about his mask being gone. Lots of rest. Last of rations expired. Can’t get through door try everything and detect it as magic.

Go through archway instead "A faded and torn tapestry hangs from the east wall, Numerous humanoid skulls are scattered throughout the room”. Start searching room. Black out. End up back in room with statue and sunken room. Mortem tracks lots of creatures into the wall. JW tries to detect message and gets blinded by light. Zander prays to Kelron about a wall. Kelron scoffs at this.

Zandar scales wall and drops rope to JW. They hustle back to the origination point. Along the way. Enter room “A ladder ascends to a balcony hanging from the north wall, The scent of urine fills the north side of the room.”

Zandar opens door into "Spirals of black stones cover the floor, Someone has scrawled “silver, jade, azure, crimson” on the north wall”. Party decides to stop for rest.

Trapped with Another Face

Dabonk tries to open door to the south and can’t. Zandar does with ease. They enter into a room:
An unexplained breeze can be felt in the south-west corner of the room, Several pieces of trash are scattered throughout the room. They find a door that they can’t open. They search and find a chain on the wall. Zandar breaks it off.

Mortem shoves sword in wall but can’t cut through it. Zandar gets the nick name lady fingers. JimmyWayne figures out how it works and that they broke it. Dabonk figures out a way to repair it. Zandar repairs it. Open door and come back to throne room. As they enter Zandar and Dabonk super tired. They all retreat back into the torture room.

Party goes to sleep. Wakes to noises. Zandar tries to hide to find noise and gets attacked by a Kobold. JimmyWayne tells last kobold to drop weapon. Kobold screams back “Die Kelron”. JimmyWayne kills him.

Head back into torture room. Get some sleep. Hear more noises. Zandar goes to investigate. More Kobolds. Dabonk demands they repent. They respond Nerull never dies. JimmyWayne drop your weapon and we will let you live. Respond with “Nerull never dies”.

Party goes back to sleep. Hear more noises. Repeat. More Kobolds. They can’t wake up JimmyWayne. “Damn dog servants die and I will kill you quick”. Response “Give up Kelron slime. Nerull never dies”. Dabonk does hold person on Kobold. Mortem and Dabonk put him in cage.

In Kobold. “How many are you?” … “Nerull will make your suffering endless”.

Interrogation begins.

Zandar comes up with idea to use masks and act like a demon to scare it into submission.

JimmyWayne puts on mask and comes in and acts like casting spell on Dabonk.

Kobold freaks out and starts talking about Ardum. Screams he didn’t tell them. He demands he never told them about opening the portal and passes out.

Mask is stuck party decides to rest. Hear more things. JimmyWayne sticks head in.

JimmyWayne gets lured into the room by a beautiful vixen.

JimmyWayne & Dabonk argue about what happened. Go back to sleep. Hear something in other room. Dabonk heads in and sees Crismon Sickle priest unlocking cage and casts hold person on him. Zandar & Mortem put him to death. JimmyWayne puts the crimson sickle robes on to complete the costume.

They decide to move along. Enter into room, A stone stair descends towards the west wall, Someone has scrawled “Death is the only exit” on the west wall. Zandar triggers a spear trap. Then looks for more. No one can open door. Mortem sword won’t even penetrate it. They decide to circle back to try to get north.

Enter into "A group of draconic faces have been carved into the east wall, A stream of quicksilver flows into a shallow pool in the south-east corner of the room “.

Zandar puts half staff in and it chrome plates it.

Move into "A large demonic idol with ruby eyes sits in the south-east corner of the room, A pile of rotten bread lies in the west side of the room”. Shriekers start screaming. Dabonk cast silence. Party kills them. Recognize that idol matches mask of Arum. Mortem tries to remove rubies and can’t. JimmyWayne touches and suggests moving on.

Move through portcullis to the north. A narrow shaft descends from the room into a plundered tomb below, A briny odor fills the room. Start to get attacked by orcs. JimmyWayne puts them to sleep. Party takes care of them. They save one to interrogate. Then decide to kill him.

Move into room Someone has scrawled “Three steps forward, two steps back” on the south wall, A pair of boots lies in the west side of the room”. Zandar puts on boots and does dance. Sees radiating magic. JimmyWayne does the same with them.

Magic Is Everywhere. Don't Forget Kelron

The party rests. Dabonk reads book and is absolutely enthralled. Zandar tries to read book but just is not quite feeling it.

They finally get a good night of sleep.

They decide to head out and encounter a stuck door. Mortem tries to open. Dabonk tries to open and can’t. Zandar tries and opens door.

The room has hexagon tiles. Th East wall says “Istryrd stands here, slain by a basilisk”.. Istryrd was a human queen of Thinul. Rumor her son Gyles was the off spring of ”/wikis/nerull" class=“wiki-page-link”> Nerull. King Reyney sentenced her to death and she disappeared while being held. Statue of a woman in the corner.

Mortem explains what a basilisk is and how they turn people to stone.

Zandar states maybe that there is no way out. JimmyWayne panics and forces everyone to head back out. They get to where they entered.

Dabonk & Mortem try to open door and can’t get it open. Zandar opens it. Mortem walks through and gets blown back into room. Knocking the wind out of everyone. Zandar prays to Kelron and is chastised for a lack of faith.

Zandar goes to leave and door shuts behind him. Dabonk tries to open it. They can’t. Zandar turns back and opens door just fine.

They head back down the hall. They run into kobolds. JimmyWayne puts them to sleep and the party coup de gras them. They try to open the door unsuccessfully. Zandar goes back and searches bodies and finds an iron bar and uses it to unlock the door. Upon entering they see “Has anyone seen my invisible cloak?” and a pile of shattered weapons.

The go into a room and find "_____ killed a demon here.” and a chained shirt.

Go into next room and find three shriekers. They struggle to kill them as a piercer falls on them multiple times. Mortem hit by piercer.

Dabonk removes piercer and gets burned. Heals up Mortem. Dabonk goes to kill. They find a box. Zandar breaks it and copper goes everywhere.

Go into a room and see red stones, “In the Spring of Storms, the Sword of Cauldrons shall be restored."

Find chest of copper.

Go next room and find anvil and forge. Dabonk finds forge mis set. Find iron box with 1000sp under it. JimmyWayne copies down glyphs in his spell book.

Mortem discovers missing bricks and finds a tunnel. Crawl through tunnel into a room with a demon scrawled on the wall and a stinky shrimp odor.

Go through portcullis and find papers and latern and bed. JimmyWayne puts paper in his bag. Dabonk breaks bed.

They Sleep and read.

Go into a room with tile labyrinth covers floor and rotten bread on the floor.

Mortem puts sword into wall. Amazed at its sharpest. Mortem cuts a whole in wall. Dabonk pushes block in and it sets a fire trap. He crawls in and finds a new room.

12 orcs attack. JimmyWayne puts 7 to sleep. They struggle to take care of business but finally do. Green glowing liquid down side with torches in iron sconces. Mortem sticks sword in and it begins to bubble and make noise.

Drop orcs into the channel. Skin melts off to the bone.

Move to a room to the south.

Walk into a room with demonic masks with several iron cages. Put demonic mask in backpack. Cages have nothing but rags. Whistle found.

Walk into A rope ascends to a balcony hanging from the east wall, Several torches are scattered throughout the room. Mortem climbs rope finds empty balcony.

Try to open door can’t go to the south. A stone dais and throne sits in the east side of the room, Someone has scrawled “Reta died here” on the east wall

Reta was a name of a ship that discovered Blackmoor.

JimmyWalker sits on throne.

A ladder ascends to a wooden platform in the south-east corner of the room, A mural of an air goddess (Ninla, old forgotten God) covers the ceiling.

Digging for electrum pieces. Rot worms infest Dabonk and Mortem. Zandar puts tourniquets on them. Zandar cuts out the worm from Dabonk. Dabonk prays to Kelron for help. Then applies fire to Mortem’s leg.

Move into a sloped pit lined with iron spikes lies in the south-east corner of the room, Someone has scrawled a large X on the south wall.

Walk into room howling can be heard in the north-east corner of the room. A pile of iron blobs lies in the center of the room

JimmyWayne steps on tile and opens a secret door leading into… Several iron cages are scattered throughout the room, A briny odor fills the east side of the room. JimmyWayne searching the cages finds a wand.

Head south to Several iron cages are scattered throughout the room, Someone has scrawled “The curse can never be broken” in orcish runes on the south wall . Found scroll with 4 priest spells. Body with moderate level rankings. Kelron priests robe with skelton.
4th – Mental Domination
6th – Legal Thoughts
1st – Thought Capture
5th – Mind Shatter

Temple of Books

Good sleep is hard to come by lately. As the party lays down to sleep a shrieking mushroom starts wailing. Zandar and Mortem seem to be mesmerized and find themselves attached to the little guy. Dabonk having none of this steps up and kills the thing. Zandar and Mortem start weeping at the loss of this dear friend. Dabonk convinces them that Kelron urged him to kill the fungus and was really all for the better.

While consoling those mourning JimmyWayne notices something moving in the next room. They see a Content Not Found: troglodyte and run into kill it. Then exhausted. Go back to sleep.

Before they can even get settled in they see something moving about in an adjacent room. Dabonk charges in and gets attacked by Content Not Found: troglodyte. Zandar kills it while Mortem takes a spear to the shoulder. After bandaging up and moving on they explore a hall and find a dead end.

Dabonk and Mortem feel there is something a miss with the wall. They diligently search the floor and wall until Dabonk finds a switch that opens it. In it they find a container. This is a book that contains the great wisdom of Kelron. It is written by Priest Content Not Found: symas (1st Kelron Priest) who was favored by Kelron and a key part of helping banishing Nerull from Danurium.

They continue to the other end of the hall and find a door that is locked. Dabonk tries to open it and they all get sprayed with gas. Mortem and JimmyWayne start to lose their vision.

Dabonk & Zandar pray to Kelron. He tells them that they carry the answers with in them. “You carry the answers of my ways upon you."

Dabonk reads book. He is compelled to continue reading.

Zandar reads book. He feels so refreshed.

They see a human turn down the hall then do a 180 and run away. They take chase after them.

They come to a room which has “When the Crismon Gate Opens, the nightmare tower shall be found” on the wall.

Zandar prays and is told. “The tower of the sickle channels all evil."

Mortem tracks the foot prints of the person they were chasing and finds a secret passage.

When entering they find 7 orcs in a room with 3 of them on a catwalk above. JimmyWayne casts sleep putting the orcs in a lull while others quickly execute them.

There are many bookcases. On them they find an odd book that is made of all metal.

Converging on Jarren's Outpost
New Party Forming

Zandar gets word from his father [[:dobbin, Dobbin]] who is Thinul that he needs to head to Marsilon to meet with Brother Jeremiah.

JimmyWayne has heard of great magic and mystery in Marsilon. He leaves Blackmoor to travel to JarrensOutpost.

Dabonk getting on the nerves of his elders in Blackmoor is shipped off to Marsilon for duty by way of JarrensOutpost
Dabonk: Dwarf Priest

Mortem has heard of pair of brothers who have built a mining operation in Marsilon. One is rumored to be a great warrior. He takes off for Marsilon and heads to JarrensOutpost.

The four find themselves in the local tavern talking about their dreams and journey towards Marsilon. They decide traveling in numbers is safest and so they decided to head out together.

The travel along the road for several hours and are ambushed by 7 Kobolds. They kill four of them and the other three scurry away.

They continue along the road and have encounter with a few Thinul guards. They ask about the great warrior in Marsilon and are told of the Mighty Aldo. Inquiring about Brother Jeremiah reveals that there is a lot going on at the Marsilon Kelron Monastery and he has not been around lately.

After a long day of travel they make camp. They hear some noise off in the forest. They get into a tussel with a four wild pigs. Putting an end to them all.

They pick up camp and move to the other side of the road. As they cross an owl swoops down to attack and Zandar knocks it out of the air mid fight. A most impressive feat.

After some light sleep the head on their way. Mid day they spot ~15 people on horses at the fork in the road. They appear to be priests of the Crismon Sickle. In sheer fear they run into the forest to hide.

Zandar gets an uncontrollable urge from Kelron to push forward and attack. He heads straight towards the group. A massive battle ensues of the most epic variety. It appears as if Kelron and Nerull are having it out .

Nerull points his priests to attack the group. Half charge the other half head in the other direction. The party notices they have a lady in distress that is being whisked away. As Zandar charges in he finds new magic and powers taking care of those at his disposal with little effort. The rest of the group has the same fortune. Nerull infuriated raises his Sickle and charges on ward. As he approaches Kelron appears and they engage. Both shooting straight up into the sky.

Mortem tracks the group that got away. They make their way to a Temple of Nerull.

They descend down into the Temple. They find a stuck door and open it. In the room is a pool. Mortem puts his arm in and it tingles a bit. They head out and into another room finding nothing. They break a door and find a room with a Shrieker that begins wailing. Next to an idol of Nerull. The shrieking attracts a group of orcs from an adjoining room and the melee begins. The party nearly decimated finally puts the last orc down. Retiring for the day.

shrieker plus orcs.. neural idol

Wait. We Forgot the Loot.

They wake up and head down for breakfast.

Myto, Aldo and Bee head to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. Bee stays to pray. Brother Hatas talks to Aldo. He tells him he is the new Lord Commander of Marsilon. That he is building a defensive force. Aldo asks for the Kelron Monks to do some mental training with the new guard.

Hatas says that Brother Jeremiah has sent word asking if the quest for the
Eye of the Seer is complete. Aldo indicates they have it. Hatas lets him know they have a group heading to Thinul today that can transport it.

Skullman and Gryvine head to the alchemist. They ask Rilla for an update on the antidote. She says it is still weeks out. They head over to Blackmoor Trading Company|BTC. They are greeted by Tiarodaw and ask for Irgban. They discuss what they need to get started.

They head over to bank. Vesden greets them. They withdraw 1000 platinum and head back to the BTC to drop it off. Then they go back and return the strong box they borrowed.

They head to grab the horses and meet Parametheus and then go to the Monastery. Gryvine gives Hatas a bag with the orb and tells them good luck. Everyone heads to Didar. They buy Parm plate mail, a shield and a short sword.

They head out of Marsilon, traveling all day. They make camp and wake up for breakfast and head out. They stop for lunch and rest the horses. They get to the edge of the swamp and then make camp. They have an uneventful evening. Wake up. Eat.

Skullman talks to the horses and tells them they will be back for them in a bit. Aldo does some combat training with Parm. Rocks come flying towards Skullman and they see a troll fast approaching. Myto start to focus on an Elephant and prays to Kelron. No matter what they do they can’t keep the troll dead. It keeps regenerating. They put the tree in a web on a on tree and burn it only turn and find the body rising from the swamp with a new head. They decide to run to the entrance of the Temple of the Swamp. Once there they fell the troll and burn it while on the mound.

They head into the Temple to retrieve the chest they left. Aldo is hit by a dart trap. They pick up the chest and start carrying it out. Gryvine gives Parm magical strength. They finally haul the check out and get back to camp. They eat. Aldo trains Parm. They all get a good nights rest.

They pack up in the morning. Spreading the coins over multiple saddle bags and tying the box to Parm’s horse. They go half a day and then water, eat and rest.

They travel the rest of the day and then make camp. Up early they pack up and head out. They stop at noon to rest the horses and eat. They travel the rest of the day making camp for the night.

Up early they head out and hit Marsilon by mid day. They stable the horses. Giving Parm a hard time. They head to the The Wild Pig to eat and drink. Then go to the bank and desposit funds. Aldo tells Parm to clean his gear and then they head to the Marsilon Inn to crash.

Lord Commander Aldo

Everyone wakes up. Kalen tells them that Publius has been waiting for them at Blackmoor Trading Company here in town.

Gryvine and Aldo head to the BTC outpost.

They say hello to Irgban and ask for Publius. He tells them Publius waited for days and headed back to Blackmoor. They review the plans with Irgban and decide on the basics. Three story tower. Two story buildings.

They then head to the stables. They greet Parametheus who thanks them for bringing back the saddle. Aldo asks when Parm will be a “real hero”. Parm shows him his homegrown training ground. Aldo offers to train him if Lord Darust will agree. They all head out to Darust’s.

Darust greets them and chastises Parm for not being at the stable doing his job. They offer to help build a stronghold and build a city guard, but ask for financial help. Darust offers to pay for half of the wall cost, the difference in cost to make it three stories.

He also offers Aldo the position of Lord Commander of Marsilon. Telling him he needs three dozen guards. Aldo counters saying he will do it if he lets him train Param and hire a captain. He gives Aldo a crested pendant making it official.

They head back to the BTC and update changes to make the building bigger. The BTC asks for a downpayment to get started. Off to the The Wild Pig to celebrate they go.

Skullman heads to visit Fabijan.

Skullman turns into a pigeon and flies to Fabijan. He asks about the Circle of Fergus. He finds out that Fabijan is the 5th Circle and explains the hierarchy. Fabijan tells him that Genys will reveal herself in the near future to him. Skull man transforms back to a pigeon and heads back to the Wild Pig where he turns human and enters to find his friends.

Myto goes to Wilbert’s.

Myto sells the bear, wolf and mountain lion pelts that he forgot to the day before. Myto decides to go hunting. He tracks for a while finding only wild sheep. He almost gives up for the day but finds some wild pig tracks. He kills a few. He then heads to the Wild Pig where he sells Blamhammer the pig.

Bee goes to the monastery after seeing off Jelica.

All at the Wild Pig. Aldo names Blamhammer Captain of the Guard. Tells him to go and get 36 recruits for the guard. They start to discuss barracks for the guard. They ask Parm and says he will get a land grant from Darust and suggests having the recruits build their own housing as part of their training. Parm leaves to talk to his dad. Everyone else goes to bed.

In Kelron's Favor

The party exhausted from the dungeon crawl head out toward the horses. While mucking through the swamp they are ambushed by bullywugs. As two jump up towards Myto, Gryvine unloads a magical web on them. Bee starts her prayer to Kelron and fires up a spiritual hammer. Aldo starts swinging and Gryvine grabs ahold and unloads his electrical magic.

The electricity runs through the bullywug and into the swamp electrocuting the entire party, but effectively killing most of the bullywug’s. Bee cast curelight wounds on Myto and Jelica. Aldo and Myto helped clean up the riff raff as Gryvine light up his hands to finish off those that were webbed. Bee prays over Jelica and heals herself and Myto.

They finally get back to the horses and eat lunch. Bee asks Jelica if she wants to pray. Bee and Jelica talk about Kelron. Everyone prays and studies while Aldo trains. Aldo notices his horse is missing. Myto offers to track the missing horse. They split the treasure they had up among the horses and saddled up. Jelica riding with Bee and Aldo riding Myto’s horse. They tracked the horse for about 3.5 miles and finally found it. They decided to camp for the night.

Myto sees a mountain lion and takes a shot hitting it, but then attacked by another from the tree above. Gryvine wakes the others up. He electrocutes the one on Myto. Bee starts chanting. Gryvine entangles the other one in a web. Myto yells to not crush it. Skullman heals the animal and frees it. Myto skins the mountain lion that was slain. They go back to sleep.

In the morning the eat and head out. Going through the hunting grounds they run into a hunter and then stop for lunch Skullman talks to the horses and he lets everyone know they are hurting and need more rest. They let them rest and then get to the road. Going a few miles before making camp.

Gryvine cooks mountain lion stew. Bee talks to Jelica and learns of her husband Omet (deceased) and their boys. Jelica says she is a cheese maker. They soon fall asleep.

They wakeup eat, packup and head out. They see soldiers on the road up ahead, but never catchup to them. they break for camp. Eat, study and pray. Bee teaches Jelica more about Kelron. They go to sleep.

Skullman hears something and alerts Gryvine who sees eyes and wakes up the party. Hobgoblin’s attacked. Myto attacks, Gryvine puts them into a web. Bee does a hold on one of them. Aldo and Myto continue slicing and dicing. Gryvine grabs a hold and does a electrocution. Skullman starts chanting and out come the insects. After the blood bath they go back to sleep.

Myto heals Aldo. Bee also heals Aldo. They load up the horses and head out. They run into Thinul guards at the edge of town. They refuse to let them enter. Bee shows her marking as Cleric of Sol. They let them pass.

They head to the Thinulian Bank. Aldo suggests they give the money to Jelica. Bee explains to Jelica that they are giving her 10 thinul, 1 silver, 1 electrum and 32 copper pieces. Jelica starts to weep and thanks Bee excessively. Aldo offers to arrange for Jelica to travel to Blackmoor. They deposit money at the bank.

They head over to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. Brother Hatas opens the door. Gryvine donates 600 silver. Aldo donates 300 silver. Bee gives 1 thinul and 300 silver. Skullman donates 185 silver. Myto gives 75 thinul and 800 silver.

Jelica and Bee head to the back and start talking about Kelron.

Myto and Aldo head to the stables. Aldo heads back to the Inn. Myto goes to Wilbert’s. He brings out the mountain lion pelt. He gets the 80 drow bolts that Gryvine had ordered. Then he headed to the Inn. Myto gives the bolts to Gryvine and tells him that Sergius is pissed off.

Gryvine and Skullman head to Sprig’s. They sell gems to Sprig and invite him to drink later in the night. They head to Marsilon Inn to crash.

Jelica and bee head back to the inn. Rotas tells them that Sergius has been in every day complaining. She mentions how cute his brother is. Gryvine buys drinks for everyone. Aldo and Sprig have a heavy drinking session.

Sergius and Enden are angry and start to get upset with Gryvine. He pays them 20 thinul and sends them to Blackmoor to get protection and more miners. Sprig says he will go with them. They will also take Jelica. Gryvine lays down enough coin to pay for their drinks for the night. Everyone heads to bed.

Meshach's Rising

The boys wake up and decide to go visit Oblivary to have the Vial Purple Liquid they found at Clead’s. They pay a small sum to have the vial checked out. Oblivary tells them it will take him some time to figure it out. He let’s them know that earlier in the day a traveler named Sosar was in earlier and was talking about an adventure with an underground temple.

They head back to the Farburn Inn. They find Sosor there. They agree to help escort him and get what he wants out of the temple. He agrees to let them have anything else they find.

The head to the Farburn Stable and get their horses saddled up and ride out. Along the way they see an ermine. Tas and Shook argue about what to do and Zaroc pulls out his bow and one shots it. They continue to ride until dark. When they get near where the entrance should be they dismount and look for the entrance.

They can’t find it and get frustrated. They decide to camp for the night and look in the morning. During his watch Zaroc hears something and wakes up everyone. Tas hears “I get to eat the Gnome” in Kobold. Four kobold circle the camp and attack. The party struggles to down them but finally gets it taken care of. Sosor tends to everyone wounds with some rudimentary bandages.

They go back to sleep. In the morning they wake up and eat. They are searching for the door when Zaroc finds two entwined trees with a whole in the middle leading down. Tas goes down and finds a hallway with stairs. He calls for the others to join him. They head down and begin exploring.

The first door they find is locked. Shook and Tas attempt to pick it but cant. Zaroc steps up and opens the door. In side the room are 4 hobgoblins counting out treasure. Tas and Shook try to sneak, but make noise alerting the hobgoblins to their presence. Sosor starts to chant putting several of them in a deep sleep. Shook and Tas make quick work of the fiends. They find an enormous pile of coins in the room and the chest the hobgoblins were huddled around.

They stash the chest off to the side and continue to explore. The find a room full of carcasses of dead monsters. As they dig through the corpses they are attacked by Fire Beetle’s. They notice the beetles “glow” still exists after they are dead. Sosor lets them know that the glands are valuable to apothecaries. They carve out the glands and throw them in their packs.

They continue on finding a torture chamber with a few racks and some other devices. They hear the jangling of keys. They ask Sosor what temple is this is and he tells them it is Crismon Sickle temple. Shook shows them a hole in the wall where the noise is coming from.

Tas looks in the hole and thinks he sees a rat. They can’t figure it out so go to head out, but are stopped by a closed portcullis that they cna not get open. They go back to the hole and Shook loos in and sees nothing. Tas looks in teh hole and sees a mechanism and sees it needs a square bar to operate.

The begin looking around the room and Shook finds something that might be the crank. He goes and puts it in the wall and starts turning. The portcullis starts opening. Shook tells Tas to go verify it is up all the way. The head out and find another shut portcullis. Tas puts his eye up to it to investigate and gets hit in the eye by squirting acid. Sosor tries to flush it out and apply bandages.

Shook goes back and gets the crank and comes to open the portcullis. The room is just full of empty cages with bones. The leave only to find another locked door. Shook picks the lock and enters. They see a ton of broken weapons and a collapsed ceiling. The room has another portcullis that is closed. Shook heads back and gets the crank. Tas finds the hole to operate the portcullis. Shook inserts the crank and opens it. They see something running away and start chasing it. As they pursue halflings down the hall, four jump down from the chandelier and attack. An epic battle between the party and eight halflings ensues.

Everyone is near death. Sosor attempts to bandage those he can up. They head back to the room with the broken weapons. Shook starts to make camp. Zaroc shuts the portcullis and relocks the entry door. They lay down for some rest.

On Tas’ watch he hears something and wakes everyone up. A shrieker comes into view and starts shrieking before they can put it out of it’s misery. They go back to sleep and not long before Zaroc now on watch hears something and alerts everyone.

A giant rat is climbing over the weapon heap right at them. They take care of it and go back to sleep. They get a lot of sleep and are feeling very rested. Shook re-opens the portcullis. They head down the corridor until they find a another stuck door. Shook is able to force it open. The room has the words “stay low” written on the wall. The team all ducks as they leave the room.

They find another door but can not get it open. Shook and Zaroc try brute force with no luck. Soros starts to wave his hands and mumble. The door pops open. They see a labyrinth on the floor made out of tiles. Shooks follows it and gets to a stuck door. Shook opens it and enters. A piercer falls through hitting Shook. Tas kills the slug as it starts to crawl away. They see a large chandelier, but nothing else.

They find another door in the room that seems stuck. Shook and Zaroc can not get it open with force. In a bit of a rage Shook is finally able to kick it in. It pushes into a small hallway. The hallway is filled with inscriptions that are not readable to anyone but Soros. Tas says the room is not right. Soros begins reading the inscriptions enthralled by the text.

Tas starts inspecting the stone floor. He notices several are loose and picks them up. The dirt underneath is freshly turned. He says, “something has recently been buried here”. Shook starts digging with his hands. Soros runs his hands along a few bricks and pulls one out. Behind it is a scroll that he quickly pockets. He tells the party, “I got what I came for, I am ready to leave when you are”.

Shook keeps digging until he has a set of eyes looking back at him. When they blink he passes out. Meshach says, “get off me”. Tas picks up Shook and asks Soros what is going on. Meshach asks “What day is it”. Shook tells him what day it is. Shook asks Meshach why he is buried. Meshach says, “It is my coming of age”. Shook passes out again unable to deal with a buried talking head.

Zaroc draws his bow and starts to take aim at Meshach’s head. Sosor knocks Zaroc’s bow down saying, “We are gonna need this guy.”. Tas digs up Meshach. Meshach cuts a deal to heal them and help them out in exchange for his life. Meshach starts praying. The right hands of Zaroc, Shook and Tas start burning uncontrollably. The symbol of Nerull appears on their hand that looks like a brand had made it. Then the pain disappears and they feel completely refreshed. Meshach asks where his at and Soros tells him the Temple of Drordorm.

Gryvine Finds His Magic

Upon searching the room the party decides they can not lug this huge chest full of silver around and stash it in the corner for later consumption. They head out and continue to search the temple. They get to an end of the corridor and the stench is unbearable. It seems they stumbled upon the bathroom for the orc party.

A goblin comes at them and Myto makes quick work of him. As they continue they hear something. As they get closer they see a giant shrieking mushroom. Aldo and Myto take care of it. Shortly after two more goblins come following the noise of the shrieker. Skullman and Aldo finish them off.

The Temple of the Swamp is extremely hot and muggy. Bee passes out from dehydration. As they are tending to her another goblin comes at them that Myto makes quick work of. The bodies are stacking up!

Since they are at a dead end of the temple they decide to make camp. Gryvine and Myto take watch while the rest of the party gets some rest. Gryvine finds writing on the floor talking about a crazy Crismon Sickle priest named Caden. Lore tells of him wielding a two headed flail and fighting epic battles in the name of Nerull. Gryvine remembers that legend says that the Caden’s Flail and Caden are both buried in the temple.

A shrieker comes meandering down the hall. Myto wakes up Skullman and they eliminate the threat. They get some sleep. Eat and start out to continue searching for the Eye of the Seer. As they continue exploring an orc attacks and is thrashed by Gryvine and Aldo.

Myto notices a brick out of place and promptly pulls on it. Back down the hall the floor with the inscriptions that Gryvine had been expecting opens up and exposes a box. The box has a Crismon Sickle insignia and is locked. Gryvine reads the inscriptions and is convinced it contains Caden’s flail. He conjures up some magic and opens the box. It contains a rod that is clearly magic, but he can not tell what it does. He attempts to use it, but can’t get it to do anything. He puts it back in the box and into Aldo’s backpack.

Another shrieker emerges and is killed by Aldo and Gryvine. As they continue exploring they run into a few Orcs. Myto uses his new found anointed magic to heal. The find a hole in the ceiling that gets some dirt knocked loose to expose a small tunnel up. Myto clutches his Cloak of the Bat and turns into a bat to go up and explore. He comes back to report that the tunnel leads up to the swamp.

The get to a large room with a fire place, that looks like it has not been used in quite some time. Myto sees writing that before his very eyes changes to Elvish and reads “The idols will unleash the power of Nerull and put the Sickle on the Throne”. Myto tells everyone what he reads. They are frustrated because to them it only reads gibberish.

They continue on reaching a door that is stuck. Aldo uses brute force to get it open. The corridor is filled with smoke and Gryvine and Skullman start coughing and find it hard to breath. A shrieker is in the middle of it all. During melee Myto hits Aldo on accident.

Skullman patches up Aldo and the move along. Another shrieker is found and killed. Moving forward orcs are encountered Gryvine wields his eletrical magic and Bee commands one to run away. Gryvine shoots flames from his hands doing in anything still standing. Skullman tends to the wounded.

The find a room with “The Daggers of Caham have looted this place.” written on a wall. They attempt to open an adjacent door without much luck. Finally Myto, Aldo and Skullman team up and pull the door open. They see a group of kobold priests around an alter praying. Skullman turns into a snake, before entering Gryvine tells him to stand back. He conjures up a web than entangles all twelve kobolds who begin squealing. They start to wailing on the priests and then Gryvine unloads fire from his fists again leaving a pile of burning kobold carcass.

They leave the stench filled room and sit to eat waiting for the bodies to stop burning. They find nothing of note on the burnt bodies or in the altar room. A shrieker comes by and Skullman turns his stick into shillelagh as the battle begins.

Hitting a dead end they back track. Along the way they notice what appears to be a secret door. Skullman tries to determine if it is magic, but finds nothing. They figure out the mechanism and enter the room only to be covered by slime and alerting a vicious ogre. Skullman summons the bugs and Gryvine emits his electricity. Myto prays to Kelron and focuses on an elephant going on an elephant rampage. The Ogre is put to rest in short order. Myto realizes his elephant “skin” is now gone. They hear a human woman weeping and notice a number of cages mostly with skeletons but one with a woman.

Myto calls on Kelron to have mercy and restore her health. Bee prays to Kelron. She commands the woman to speak, but she can only utter non sense. Aldo breaks the cage open. Gryvine gently talks her out of the cage. Bee gives her some food. They all rest as the exhaustion has finally caught up with them. They wake up and eat breakfast.

The woman finally tells them her name is Jelica. She lets them that her and her husband were on teh way to Locarno from Blackmoor, when sleeping for the night in the mountains. The ogre killed her husband and then brought her back here. Gryvine tells her that they will take her back to Marsilon and then get her transport to Blackmoor.

They take the furs off the ogre and Myto fashions a large sack out of them. They collect all the treasure in the room and put in this newly fashioned sack. Myto extracts the teeth out of the Ogre (all 30 of them). Skullman tears off a bar of one of the cages and they use it so that Myto and Aldo can carry the bag with it.

They decide to head out and start backtracking. They run into a shrieker and dispose of it. A goblin is alerted and comes running. Gryvine releases fire and electricity in an explosive display of power. It is clear that he is finding his groove as a magic wielding power house. They make their way back to the mirror.

They show it the teeth. The mirror swirls and arms extend out of it and pull the teeth in. A crystal sphere then appears hovering above the mirror. Gryvine grabs it and looks into it. He sees the events ( Betrayed at the Squid) from the Laughing Squid

The mirror says, “The eye of the seer, lets you things that are far and those that are near. It lets you see the history that you may even fear.” Bee is nervous and doesn’t want to take it, but Gryvine tells her the history of the quest ( Kings Are Not What They Seem). They exit the temple. Myto and Skullman cover up the tracks and the entrance and channel their deities to bring everyone back to health.


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