Chronicles of Danurium

Tarsan's Rage Shines Through

Shook and Zaroc wake up and head down to eat. In the middle of their meal Oblivary walks in. Shook tells him they have his flowers. He directs them to head back to his shop to finish business.

Shook heads up to fetch the box. He opens it and inspects the dagger inside. He admires it’s great quality and heads back downstairs box in tow. Shook and Zaroc argue about what to do with the flowers. They consider giving only a few of them to Oblivary and keeping the rest for themselves. Trying to reconcile this dilemma they head over to Doech to find out what he knows. He is deathly afraid of them and refuses to engage in conversation. Dejected the duo gives up and takes the flowers to Oblivary. Giving him all that they found.

Oblivary removes the ring from Zaroc releasing his soul. In the meantime, Tas breaks himself free from the jail and heads back to the Farburn Inn. He quickly heads upstairs and disguises himself as an old man.

Shook and Zaroc feeling the burden relieved of finishing up the promise to Oblivary head back to the Inn. For some reason they are unusually hungry, I guess putting your soul on the line can do that. As they are eating down comes Tas. Zaroc recognizes him despite the disguise and they all eat discussing the prior days adventures.

They decide it is time to get vengeance on Tarsan and start devising a plan of attack. Quickly, they realize this is going to be very difficult and Tas throws out that perhaps they should surface that Clead (deceased) as a traitor to Tarsan.

Zarco heads upstairs to disguise himself as an old man as well. Figuring that it might be wise to lay low going about town. Tas talks to Garxche to inquire about where Clead might live. The group quickly heads towards the slum to find any sign of Clead.

While walking towards the slum Zaroc and Tas start to get into an argument about what happened to his money and when he was left for dead on the side of the road. They quickly reconcile and exchange funds.

Zaroc starts to ask a woman about where they may find Clead. Her children playing around them in fun and games create a stir as her daughter tries to lift Zaroc’s money pouch. Zaroc grabs her by the arm as she starts to run a way ripping her arm out of it’s socket at the shoulder.

Immediately several men from the slum move towards him to attack. Three of them jumped on Zaroc as a fourth started launching in arrows from a 20 yards away. Tas ducked into the shadows as Shook stood amazed at the trouble Zaroc had gotten them into yet again.

Tas was able to get one from behind and Zaroc took care of the first to strike him. Shook was able to slide behind one of the attackers and slit his throat from behind in most efficient of executions. The one standing with the after seeing this carnage turned in fear and headed down the street. When the boys looked up, the streets of the slum were clear and not a single person was in sight.

Tas knocks on a door, to a woman who refuses to open or answer. After some threatening she reveals that Clead works in the jail. Everyone heads back to the inn. They discuss turning on Clead and telling Tarsan what is up. Zaroc and Tas change disguise to keep a low profile.

Shook heads to the jail and asks a guard to see Tarsan. The guard indicates that Tarsan is not there, but is in his stronghold. Shook heads back to the inn and let’s the others know.

Everyone heads out of town towards Tarsan’s stronghold. Along the way they run into four armed horsemen. Clearly Majarnum Army. They refuse to the let them continue on the path or access Tarsan. They let them know Tarsan is exhausted and has no time for them. Tas uses his wile to put doubt in their head letting them know that if this information doesn’t get to Tarsan they will be held responsible. The guards begin to argue among themselves. They decide that one of them should go back and get their Captain (Kolin.

The three remaining guards and the party sit and make idle small talk waiting for the captain to arrive. When Kolin arrives Tas takes him aside and discreetly lets him know about the affair. Kolin is a bit belligerent and refuses to acknowledge it as truth. In the end, Tas convinces Kolin to take them to Clead’s and get the story resolved.

They arrive at Clead’s waking him from a slumber. Clead denies everything, infuriating Kolin. Tas goes out on a limb and admits that he and Zaroc had ambushed Tarsan a few days ago as hired assassins paid by Clead. Clead takes the opportunity to take off running. Before he can even get to the end of the slums the guards tackle and shackle Clead. They put Tas in custody as well. They take off on horseback with prisoners in tow heading towards Tarsan’s stronghold.

Shook and Zaroc dumbfounded head back to Farburn Inn.

When they arrive at Tarsan’s, Kolin explains the situation to Tarsan. Who is completely perturbed at the whole situation. When he looks over at his wife Ili he can see in her eyes that it is true. He slaps her across the face knocking her across the room. He unsheathes his sword and drives it right through the top of Cleads skull straight through his body and out his back side. The anguish and screaming is horrific. He then turns and slams the door leaving everyone watching in awe.

Captain Kolin let’s Tas go and suggests he lay low. Tas books it back to the Farburn Inn. He finds Shook and Zaroc there and suggests they go back to Clead’s and clear the place out. Zaroc and Tas re-disguise themselves and everyone heads out. Inside Clead’s they find a sword, keys and a cheap box. Inside the box they find a vial and some papers. They assume the papers are love notes as they are signed by Ili. However, they are in a language none of them can recognize.

They decide to return to Farburn Inn and get some sleep.

Rainbow Flower For Your Soul

Tonarr the jailer and Tarsan come looking for Tas and Zaroc. Storming into the Inn and demanding Garxche turn the human and the gnome over. Garxche points them to their room and says he is staying out of it.

All the commotion wakes up Shook who comes down as Tonarr is grabbing Tas who is feebly trying to escape his clutches. Tarsan knocks him down and shackles him, escorting him out of the inn. Shook curious follows the parade to the jail. Shook attempts to enter the jail and is denied by the guard.

He demands in and Tonarr comes out and tells him to leave. He continues to insist and out comes Tarsan who thumps him the chest knocking him across the road telling him to get lost. He dusts himself off and saunters off. He catches a glimpse of Tas in the jail cell through the bars. Tas is feverishly trying to get out of the jail. Despite his attempts Shook has no luck getting Tas to tell him much of anything.

Shook heads back to the in and asks Garxche about Zaroc, but doesn’t get anywhere. Garxche panics as his dear friend Oblivary hasn’t come in for breakfast. He is worried with all the murders on the farm and Tarsan’s rage that perhaps something has happened to him. He asks Shook to check on him in exchange for a free night at the Inn.

Shook finds Oblivary hard at work and very distracted, but in good health. Shook heads back to the in and gives Garxche an update. He gives him some bread and drink to take back to Oblivary, which Shook gladly does.

He then heads over to the prison but sees no sign of Tas in the window. He again pleads with the guard to let him in, but is refused. Finally Tonarr turns up and tells him it is time to leave or he will be imprisoned.

Oblivary tries to give Zaroc a potion, but with little luck. Zaroc can’t keep it down and pukes it back up and passes out.

Shook heads back to the inn dejected to eat breakfast.

Oblivary gives another attempted potion to Zaroc. It smells foul but goes right down. Zaroc feels the urge to puke up his guts but instead just erupts with the most hideous and foul smelling belch. Feeling fantastic afterwards. He gets up ready to go, but Oblivary demands payment. Saying that Tas promised to bring flowers, but has not returned. Zaroc agrees to give Oblivary his soul as payment in two days if he does not return with the flower. Oblivary puts on a ring that binds to Zaroc and knocks him out. Upon awaking he runs to the inn.

He finds Shook sitting eating breakfast and the begin to argue about the events of the past day. They head over to Doech as instructed by Oblivary to find where the flowers are located. Doech tells them about how Hinar shared with him while drinking that he had flowers that shot light. He tells them where Hinar lives.

The two friends immediately head out to Hinar’s farm. For most of the way they argue about money and the mess they have found themselves in. They pass three farmers one of them named Sondast with little trouble. Finally the reach the Hinar farm. They cut through the corn field and Zaroc is attacked by a snake. He is bitten many times before finally cutting off the snakes head. The sounds alert Hinar who heads over to the corn field. Shook jumps out and cuts him badly, but not before Hinar sinks his sickle into Shook knocking him out.

Zaroc now with the snake behind him stands up and draws his bow putting an arrow through his eye in a single shot. Hinar’s son comes running out of the barn towards Zaroc. Zaroc hits him in the shoulder with an arrow knocking him down.

Zaroc attempts to help Shook up but can’t wake him. Hinar’s son gets up and hit’s Zaroc from behind falling down and striking him with the broad side of the sword. Zaroc kills him stabbing him in the neck. Zaroc gets Shook up and then starts puking. He isn’t feeling so well.

Zaroc and Shook enter the barn and find nothing. They head over to the house and turn it upside down. In the bed room they find Hinar’s wife. Zaroc grabs her by the hair, despite her blood curdling screams, and slits her throat. Shook finds a strong box in the kitchen while Zaroc falls in pain unable to move. Shook searches every body for a key with no luck. Zaroc is moaning and puking uncontrollably eventually passing out as Shook picked the lock on the strong box. Finding flowers and a dagger.

Shook drags Zaroc a quarter mile before stopping exhausted to sleep. Wild dogs come up on them and start to eat and gnaw at the leather armor attracted to the dried puke on Zaroc. When the third dog arrives Shook hits one of the dogs with his bo stick killing it and scaring off the other dogs.

Shook continues to drag Zaroc running into a peasant who demands to know where Hinar is. The peasant begins to run towards the house as Hinar follows him and assasinates him from behind. Shook pulls all the bodies into the field and heads back to Zaroc to continue dragging him back to Farburn.

Another peasant passes by without noticing them. Finally Zaroc wakes up and they both limp back to town passing another peasant without issue. They head into the inn where Kelray is appalled at their blood stained appearance. They head straight to their room. Shook hides the strong box and they both pass out.

Ambush Gone Bad

Zaroc and Tas wake up. Shook already headed off. Zaroc is paid by the Qualrak for killing Tiniris. Zaroc and Tas meet and wander the city. They are approached by Clead to kill Tarsan to cover up his love affair with Tarsan’s wife.

They head outside of town and hide their horse and sit beside the road waiting for Tarsan. After a long while a peasant goes by and they are not discovered. Then a group of bandits go by, they are almost discovered as Zaroc makes a slight misstep.

Finally after what seems like an eternity Tarsan turns up. They attempt to ambush him, but his experience lets hime see right through their ways and he nearly brings Zaroc to death. As Zaroc lays bleeding to death another peasant from town meanders past looting Zaroc of his possessions. Before he can escape Tas kills him and loads up Zaroc and heads back to town.

Tas finds the local apothecary, Oblivary and pleads with him to help aid restoring Zaroc back to health. He asks them to investigate some flowers in return for his help. Sending them to Doech, the cooper who has a lead on who has them.

Tas goes back to the Inn and finds Doech. He starts a conversation and gets him to tell him that Hinar, a farmer a few miles West of town, has some crazy flowers. He takes the cart and horse to the stable and sells them. He then heads out on Zaroc’s horse to teh farm out side of town and tries to figure out if it is Hinar’s.

Shook spent the day trying to gain information about the Liar’s Den and how the city operates. He came back in the evening looking for Zaroc and could not find him. He was told by Garxche that he saw him with a shady looking Gnome but that he had just left and there was no sight of Zaroc. Shook turned in for the night after having an ale.

Unable to find any clues Tas heads back to the inn for sleep.

Drow Encounter
The First Drow

The party wakes up and heads over to the The Wild Pig for their regular morning meal. They decide to visitParametheus to see if they can gather information about Lord Darust. Upon arrival to the stables Parametheus is no where to be found. Collectively they decide to head to Lord Darust’s estate to look for him. A female servant answers the door and let’s them know that Parametheus left for the stables early this morning.Gryvine inquired if Darust was in. She let them know he left yesterday and should be back today.
Myto picked up Parametheus’ tracks and followed them back to town. Eventually losing them at the edge of town. However, Parametheus greeted them as he was now at the stables. He let them know he had been running errands. Gryvine probed about how Darust felt about King Thortur. Parametheus said that his father wasn’t too keen on the King and had a lot of mistrust ever since Fergus. He didn’t know where his father had gone, but expected him back tonight.

Several in the group suggested exploring the mountains for the day. Gryvine hinted at checking on Sergius while up in the mountains. Heading up to Sergius’ mine they were ambushed by a group of six Hobgoblins. Gryvine commanded magic missles at two, while Aldo lopped the arm of another. Unexpectedly, Skullman opened a hole in the ground that a swarm of bugs and beetles exited out of an literally at one of the Hobgobins alive. I think he surprised even himself.

When they rode upon the mine the door, a nice new iron and wood creation, was locked shut. Myto picked up a Dwarven trail and followed it for a few hundred yards. There they found Sergius taking a crap. They startled him for a good laugh. He did not find it as amusing as they did, but invited them to stay for lunch. During lunch he showed them the new workings of the door and indicated his brother would be arriving two weeks to start helping clear the mine more quickly.

After lunch the adventurers headed East along the mountain line. Myto spotted a mountain lion and takes off after it. He had been itching to hunt and this was his chance. Skullman always uneasy about such things didn’t fight too hard knowing that kill would be put to good use. Myto pulled up to a spot and put two arrows square in his prey bringing it down without much trouble. Myto skinned it and prepared the meat as Aldo setup camp. Skullman prayed and Gryvine studied. Aldo cooked the meat to perfection providing quite the feast. Everyone slept well and the night was uneventful.

Gryvine and Myto awake and talk about Myto’s new found meditation. Gryvine finds his new belief in Kelron some what comical, but Myto is certain he talked to Kelron and is quickly becoming a devout believer. Several hours pass by and the party finds themselves at the mouth of the cave where they slaughtered kobolds recently. They enter and start exploring. When in the chamber room they find a freshly extinguished fire.

Aldo picks up one of the logs and they light it for a source of better light. Seems they still haven’t found out the value of carrying torches or rope while out exploring. Gryvine spies a scroll cap on the ground, but can’t seem to locate the scroll container it belongs to. All of a sudden, they find themselves under fire from an apparently invisible enemy launching small bolts at them.

Aldo, Skullman and Myto rush towards the source. Several of them taking bolts to the neck and upper body. Skullman gets a quick glimpse and thinks these might be Drow Elves as prophesied by Brother Jeremiah. They decide to leave the cave as they can’t get good enough visuals on the enemy to be effective. While running out, Gryvine is struck with a bolt that immediately knocks him out. Myto hears him fall and turns to run to his aide, pummeling Skullman in the process. Aldo demands Skullman fix his brother. Skullman attempts to without success. Aldo picks up Gryvine and runs for the exit. Myto sees on of the Drow and takes fire hitting him in the shoulder. A second drow comes to help remove the arrow. Myto has a near perfect hit to the second one, square in the back. The first aims his crossbow and puts a bolt in Myto’s neck knocking him to the ground unconscious.

Skullman completely panicked starts to run out. Realizing that he left Myto behind, runs back and starts dragging him out of the cave. Before long he is so out of breath he can no longer drag Myto. He starts screaming for Aldo’s help. About ready to break down and give up he musters a second wind and drags Myto almost all the way out. Finally his continual screams for help are heard by Aldo who enters the cave to help remove Myto.

Skullman mounts up and Aldo attempts to throw Myto on the horse with him, but fails miserably. Dropping Myto and knocking Skullman off the horse. On the second attempt he knocks Skullman off the horse again, but gets Myto to say put. Aldo then puts Gryvine on his horse and mounts up. The two of them leave with horses and fallen friends in tow.

The head straight to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. As they enter Myto starts to awake. They leave Gryvine to be tended to by Brother Hatas. Aldo in a rage heads with Skullman and Myto in tow to the Blackmoor Trading Company Union. He asks Danturo where he can find equipment to see in the dark. Danturo tells him that only superior races like Dwarves are good at seeing in the dark. Finally, he tells him to check in Blackmoor. Aldo, then heads to Sprig and tells him that he is going to Blackmoor in the morning. Sprig gladly agrees to join.

They head back to the Marsilon Inn and get some sleep. Skullman decides to head to Fabijan and turns into a dog and then a bat and flies there. Fabijan and him have a long conversation about his skills and Fabijan shows him how to control an animal to get control of it’s senses.

In the morning. Myto heads to the monastery to pay homage to Kelron. Gryvine heads to the monastery to talk to Jeremiah. Aldo grabs Sprig and starts loading the wagon. Skullman says good bye to Fabijan and flies back to Inn to pack up.

Jeremiah ask Gryvine to take the Gold Idol with diamond eyes to Blackmoor. He instructs them to sell to BTC. Only at a price so high they refuse. Ultimately, to find the black market and follow it to find out who in the Crismon Sickle is looking for such a thing. He indicates he will travel with them to the fork in the road as he is on his way back to Thinul.

Everyone meet at the Bank and withdraws money for the adventure ahead. Sprig loads an enormous chest full of gems and talks about his excitement to turn this into gold. They travel all afternoon and finally make camp. In the middle of the night Jeremiah is targeted by an arrow. The party awakes and makes quick work of him. On his body they find a bounty note for the head of Jeremiah and a great looking cloak. Jeremiah seems indifferent and goes back to sleep. Not but two hours later they are attacked by the same bolts from the cave. Only this time Myto spots the shooter in a nearby tree and knocks him down with a well placed arrow. A second arrow right to the face puts him down completely. Aldo strips the chainmail off the drow and scalps him putting the scalp in his saddle bag.

Up early the next morning and on the road they encounter ten plus wagons heading towards Marsilon. It is the crew and supplies to start construction on their property. They give instructions to start putting a wall up around the property and they will bring back plans. Twice during the day they are ambushed by Hobgoblin patrols. Each time making easy work of them. Hitting the fork in the road they say their good byes to Jeremiah and head south towards Blackmoor. Shortly there after stoping for camp. After a quiet night they head to the gates of Blackmoor.

First Blood
Finding a Thirst for Blood

Zaroc and Shook are having lunch in the Farburn Inn talking about the assassin’s they hope to become. They were quietly drinking fresh ale served by Kelray and desperately trying to eavesdrop on conversations. They heard two men talking about a jeweler who had been robbed. Also, they heard about a Tarsan that was returning to Farbun and that his wife had been cheating on him with Clead.

The over hear a man telling his peers about a farmer that is causing him trouble and preventing his trapping/pelt business from thriving. Shook approaches and lets him know that they can take care of the farmer. Gariz let’s them know he doesn’t think they are up to the task. That the farmer, Rarad, had a wife and two sons. He didn’t want lose ends and was expecting someone to take care of them all.

Zaroc and Shook head out around desk to scout the farm. Upon arriving at the farm, they hear someone in the barn and see a boy tending to the horses. Suddenly, the cows in the barn began bellowing and Rarad came out to see what was causing the fuss. He spotted Zaroc and approached him, questioning him about his motives. At the same time Shook came around behind him and slit his throat. Rarad’s son saw the slaughter and charged towards his dying father.

Zaroc pulled out his bow and shot several times at the bow, unable to hit him. Finally, he pulled out his daggers and grabbed the boy jamming a dagger in his neck. Rarad’s wife began screaming and ran out towards her son. The eldest son shoved her back in the house, drew a sword and came running to avenge his father. Zaroc re drew his bow and made short order of the boy as he approach.

Rarad’s wife watching through the window started wailing at the top of her lungs. Zaroc put a few arrows towards the window, but she retreated before he could hit target. Shook ran around to the back of the house while Zaroc entered through the front. Rarad’s wife cowering under the table in the corner begged for her life, but Zarco slit throat in a fit of rage demanding she just shut up.

Shook entered after circling the building and tossed the house. Grabbing a few pelts and the family’s life savings. The two headed back to the barn and grabbed two saddles. Headed to the horses, saddled up and rode back to town. They took the horses to the Farburn Stable and turned in for the night.

Our villians work up in the morning and headed down for breakfast. They met with Gariz who told them that Farburn is full of rumors that there was a violent murder at the farm. He is full of glee that his problems are now gone and no farmers will be giving him trouble. He gladly pays them and heads off.

Zarok and Shook head to Tiarad’s Outpost to trade in the pelts they took from Rarad. Happy with the additional gold, they head back to the Inn to drink. While drinking they approach a thug at the bar who acts unkindly towards them. Shook takes a punch in the face and returns it by jamming a dagger against the throat of the attacker. The inn keeper, Garxche, came out and threatened to toss them if they didn’t get under control. Shook through out the thug and sat down for another beer.

Qualrak, the local jeweler, comes in the Inn and seeks out Zaroc and Shook. He let’s them know that he has heard that they know how to take care of business and that he was recently robbed. He is willing to pay a bounty if they find and execute who did it. Additionally, he will pay them full value for any of the missing gems. They both indicate they know Tiniris did it and will take care of the problem.

Shook and Zaroc find the gentlemen that were talking about the crime the other night. They bribe them for the location of Tiniris and are told they can find him in the slum or at the Liar’s Den.

They head down to the the Liar’s Den and attempt to enter. Shook is pushed to the ground and told they are not welcome. Leaving well enough alone they decide to head down to the slum in search of Tiniris. They were accosted by a drunkard, who pissed himself before passing out. They found a young woman doing laundry out front and paid her for the location of Tiniris’ home.

They arrived at the house and knocked. Tiniris tells them to go away. They are relentless in knocking until he opens the door. When he does, they quickly shove him back in the house and assassinate him. They find a lock box as well as the key when turning the house upside down. Inside the box are some coins and the missing the gems. Before they are able to exit the door opens and they are forced to kill Tiniris’ room mate.

They hurry back to the Inn, where they find Qualrak still drinking. He is amazed that they have taken care of things so quickly and hurries them down his shop, Qualrak’s Jewelery. There he compensates them for returning the gems and agrees to verify that Tiniris is dead and will pay them the bounty in the morning. They go back to the Inn and promptly fall asleep.

Don't Worship False Idols

Our heroes wake up and decide it’s time to get out of the city for the day. They figure it’s time to find an opening for a mine or at least get some hunting in. When picking up the horses from at the stable they ask Parametheus if he would be interested in joining them for a hunt. He is ecstatic and says he needs to stop by his house to pick up his gear.

After leaving Lord Darust‘s house with Parametheus’ hunting gear they party sees Brother Hatas riding towards them from Marsilon. He alerts them that Brother Jeremiah has information concerning the idols. Gryvine decides to return to Marsilon with him to talk to Jeremiah.

The rest of the party continues on to go hunting. About a half hour down the road they are attacked by a Hobgoblin patrol. They make quick work of them between Myto work with a bow, Parametheus’ use of a cross bow and Aldo’s blade work. They saddle back up and head down the road.

Another hour down the road they see three humans approaching. They greet them as they pass. Myto notices one of them draw a bow and open fire on the party. Parametheus falls off his horse and Myto starts firing back. He picks off one and Gryvine handles the other one. The third takes off towards Marsilon at full speed. Myto isn’t able to get him before he gets out of range.

As Aldo picks the bodies clean, Myto notices something under the shirt of one of the dead. Aldo opens the dead man’s shirt to find a bag with tools of some kind. He puts them in his pouch and the party decides to head back to town.

When back in town they drop Parametheus off at the stable and head to the monastery. Gryvine and Jeremiah are busy so Hatas sends them on their way. Aldo and Skullman go to the tavern, but Myto decides to stay and meditate. During his meditation he hears from Kelron and is told he is the chosen one to fight the Drow Elves in Kelron’s name. When he is gets up to leave he realizes that his elephant curse has been lifted. He heads back to Marsilon Inn for the night.

After waiting for a few hours at The Wild Pig Skullman retires to the inn and Aldo heads over to see Sprig. While visiting Sprig he learns the tools he found on the dead man outside town are for picking locks and other unsavory activities. Sprig gladly takes them off Aldo’s hands. Aldo heads to the inn for sleep.

When Gryvine arrived at the monastery to meet with Jeremiah he learned the meeting of the all the idols. Finding out that each idol represented the seed of a different race Drow Elf, Derro Dwarf, Hobgoblin and Orc. Jeremiah tells him that he will be returning to Thinul soon and then will spend most of his time between there and Blackmoor so he can hide what is going on here in Marsilon. He reveals that Marsilon will be the epicenter of the battle and that he plans on it being a fight for the long haul, maybe even a century long. He is preparing for this. He knows that they must find out what is inside the mountain that is giving the source of power and controlling the hordes so they can destroy it.

Jeremiah indicates he believes that Gryvine and his friends are the balance of power that will let Kelron achieve victory over darkness. He asks Gryvine to do the following things:

  1. Feel out where Lord Darust sits with respect to Thortur and the struggle that is going on.
  2. Seek to find the true power Moreste and the Crismon Sickle have over which of the horde tribes
  3. Protect Marsilon from the forces of evil and keep its citizens safe
  4. Help the Kelron Monks at the Marsilon Kelron Monastery keep the Lexicon of Body and Mind safe.
Battle at Monastery

The crew woke up this morning and headed straight to The Wild Pig where they were greeted warmly by Kalen and served their usual. That’s right they have a usual. Gryvine had been looking for Brother Jeremiah for some time and let everyone know he was going to head to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. The rest of the group decided to tag along.

Brother Hatas greeted them at the door and fetched Jeremiah for them. Gryvine showed Jeremiah the [[: | four idols]] they had found earlier. He asked if Jeremiah knew what they were. Jeremiah indicated that he thought they might be the source seed for Hobgoblin placed by Nerull. He asked if he could keep them for a bit and research them. Gryvine was more than willing to let them stay at the Monastery for identification.

The group decided to head out. Skullman rushed back in and gave Brother Hatas a rather large donation of fifty Thinul platinum. Hatas was extremely grateful and gave Skullman his blessing. On the way out the group noticed that construction had started on the expansion of the monastery. As they were watching the construction crew, they noticed a pack of humanoids heading towards the monastery from the south.

They recognized them as hobgoblins. Gryvine questioned why they weren’t coming from the mountains and everyone noticed that they seemed unusually rank and file for an attacking horde of hobgoblins. Skullman ran back into the monastery to alert the monks. Jeremiah instructed them to lock the doors behind him as he rushed out with Skullman to head into battle.

Myto and Gryvine started lobbing arrows and bolts into the advancing army as Aldo, Skullman and Jeremiah stood in front of them preparing for battle. There were over twenty in the horde attacking. Slowly but surely the group was eliminating the scourge. Myto started focusing on an elephant to tap into his new found talent, but instead of the normal result he just got his skin turned into elephant skin, grey color and all.

With about nine or so Hobgoblin’s left Gryvine started chanting and waiving his arms until five of the hobgoblins seemed to stand still in sleep. He instructed that everyone leave them alone until the remaining four were handled. Myto, Jeremiah and Aldo made quick work of what was left. Jeremiah instructed them to finish those that were “sleeping” and the battle was over. Jeremiah ripped off a Crismon Sickle insignia from the robe of one of the hobgoblins. This is what we are up against. We must extinguish this!

The quickly pulled all the bodies together and burned them so that the people of Marsilon wouldn’t stress about the attack. After getting things cleaned up they headed out to find Didar and Wilbert to deal with equipment issues. Neither were in so they stopped by Sprig’s to sell some gems. Weighed down by the Thinul gold they got from the gems they headed to the Thinulian Bank of Marsilon. Vesden treated them well as they made their deposits.

Myto headed back to the monastery to ask questions about Kelron and seeking more answers about his “ailment”, as his skin was still like that of an elephant. After deep mediation and seeking he headed back to the Marsilon Inn to sleep with everyone else.

Hostile Takeover
Hobgoblins Take Over Mining Encampment

The party starts the day with breakfast at The Wild Pig. When asking about the best place to get laborers to build on their newly acquired land, they were referred to Blackmoor Trading Company Union. On the way to visit the union they were hailed by Sprig.

Sprig congratulated them on being new residences of Marsilon and told them that he had run into Sergius. Saying that Sergius had stopped by asking him to make a metal door, but laughs at such a thought. He then gives Gryvine a hard time about giving such a miner money as “investment”.

They party decides to head to the mine instead of the union to check on Sergius. They find him working there. He is very nervous that he has upset them by not getting a metal door for the mine. They calm his fear and tell him to get a wooden door built with a lock. He tips them off that there has been trouble at the Union today and lots of heated words have been flying among members.

The party heads back to Marsilon and is attacked by a patrol of Hobgoblin’s. They make quick work of the patrol and get back to town. As they approach the Union, they hear two dwarves arguing about what to tell the boss in Blackmoor. Gryvine asks them in Dwarvish how they can help. The union tells them that Hobgoblin’s have over taken the encampment of a new mining operation outside town. The inform them that they have plans to send for mercenaries from Blackmoor to take care of the problem.

The party offers to look into the problem for them, in order to keep mercenaries out of town. The union agrees to give them 2 days to clear the encampment and get mining operations back up and running. If they don’t hear from the party until then they will be sending for help.

As the party heads out of Marsilon and cross the bridge to the river just West of town they hear and see a giant crab, but decide to leave it alone. Shortly after they setup camp. Almost immediately they are attacked by Hobgoblin’s. Skullman is brutal with his mace taking the arm clean off one of the attackers.

As the party settles back in Myto takes watch. He takes an arrow in the throat and is unable to wake up his friends. As a patrol of Hobgoblin’s enter the camp they put another arrow in him rendering him unconscious. The commotion wakes Aldo who brings them to their death. Skullman tends to Myto bandaging him and praying for renewed health.

Everyone gets back to bed and Skullman takes watch. Shortly afterwards, another Hobgoblin patrol puts a spear in Skullman. Aldo and Myto wake up and take care of business while. In the morning they pack up and head to the miner encampment.

The Hobgoblins have 20 or more warriors in the encampment. There are no signs of the miners. There is a large triangle encampment with a tower on each corner and wooden walls for protection. The party decides what to do. Skullman taps into his spirituality with nature and calls lightning down to one of the towers. This kills a Hobgoblin and sets the tower on fire.

The Hobgoblins scramble to deal with the fire as Myto and Gryvine pick off the Hobgoblin on the other tower. The group systematically takes on Hobgoblin’s as they exit the camp. Gryvine and Aldo are critically wounded. Myto channels an inner part of his mind to gain the constitution of an elephant and helps bring down the onslaught.

By the time the party exterminated the 20+ Hobgoblin camp, all three towers and the fence burnt to the ground. The internal living structures were still in tact and Gryvine found a bone encased scroll inside one of the structures. While the party had time in the day they were too injured to continue. The rested up and bandaged wounds, calling it a night. The night was uneventful.

In the morning they headed out to clear the mine. Not far down the trail they noticed they were being followed by a wolf. Skullman connected with the wolf and started asking it why it was following the group. It replied that it was here to help. As it approached the wolf shapeshifted into Fabijan. He healed Aldo and encouraged Skullman to bless Gryvine back to normal, which Skullman promptly did. He let Skullman know that he was looking after him and was grateful that everyone was clearing this scourge from the area.

Upon arriving at the mine, they found it closed by iron doors with quality locks of the Blackmoor Trading Company Union. Assuming that the mine must have been always shut the party decided to head back to Marsilon, until they heard movement in the mine. The came to find Pavao trapped on the other side. He gave them the key under the doors and they let out the 3 trapped miners.

They loaded the miners on their mounts and headed back to the mining camp. They started to hear noise along the ridge line and saw shadows. Fearing attack they prepared to fight. Only to find the shadows were the additional 30 missing miners.

Getting back into camp the miners were distraught to see their camp burned to the ground and unhappy with the smell of day old Hobgoblin corpses. They started to pull the bodies into the middle of camp so they could burn them. The party helped doing this then loaded up with Pavao to head back to town. Pavao had instructed the miners to get mine operations back up while he goes to town to get the Union to send construction crews to reconstruct the camp.

On the way back to Marsilon, near the bridge they find giant crabs again. Skullman knows they are crab and humanoid but is unfamiliar with their language or much about them. After a brief attempt to communicate with them the party decides to move along. A dwarf on a horse approaches. Ready for combat, the party eases when Pavao shouts out to his friend and fellow union employee Kelem. Kelem let’s the Pavao know that union had given up and had sent him to Blackmoor to get mercenaries to help. He is excited about not having to make the trip and suggests hurrying back to let their boss, Danturo know that the camp is clear.

The party finds Danturo at the union and catches him up. Pavao let’s him know that three days ago the camp saw a patrol of Hobgoblins just after a group of two miners headed to open the mine. They grabbed arms and were ready to defend the camp until they saw thirty or more come over the ridge. He ran with another miner to lock the mine, while the rest of the camp headed to the top of the ridge above camp. The Hobgoblins came in and occupied the camp until the party came in and cleared the camp and got everyone out of the mine and off the ridge. He let’s him know that operations are back up and running, but that the union needs to send to Blackmoor to get construction help to fortify the camp and provide protection. Danturo is very happy to have this problem solved and lets the group know that they will be getting the best price on construction by the union for the structures they are interested in.

After this near death outing, they head to The Wild Pig for ale. They start swapping stories with Blamhammer until his wife Rotas let’s them know that adventure talk will not be tolerated tonight. Sprig who already had too many encourages everyone to drink even more. Finally, after passing out, Aldo carried him home as everyone else headed to back to Marsilon Inn.

While carrying him back, Sprig brags that he could make Aldo see many of him, because clearly he is seeing many of Aldo. Aldo wants none of it and puts him to bed and heads to the Inn. After tonight, the town of Marsilon knows it has worthy defenders.

The Story Shifts

Based off conversation with Lord Darust, Skullman heads South in search of a druid that visits Marsilon from time to time. He searched for the better part of a day until a badger caught his eye. Following the badger into the thicket he met, Fabijan. Fabijan taught him the way of the shapeshifters. He tells him the tale of a former king of Thinul, Fergus who was a shapeshifter. That caught lycanthropy and went berserk and led to his demise. The shapeshifters descended from his knowledge and have become known as the Circle of Fergus. Fabijan shares his knowledge with Skullman and brings him into the circle.

He reveals that he has been watching and was the bear in an earlier encounter. Skullman’s respect for animals attracted Fabijan to bring him under his wing.

While Skullman was under going this transformation, the rest of the party went with Parametheus to pick out suitable land. They selected something just outside Marsilon.

Missing Farm Hand

After a brief rest at the Marsilon Inn our adventurers decide to head to The Wild Pig for some dinner and ale. Skullman decides to head up to his room for some prayer and rest. Kalen seats and serves the party promptly.

While eating dinner Parametheus comes in and tells Kalen that she needs to go get Blamhammer. Gryvine and Aldo ask Parmametheus what is wrong. He let’s them know that his father, Lord Darust sent him for help because one of the farm hands, Viktor has gone missing.

Parametheus leads the party to his fathers house. Darust greets them and invites them into the library where he explains that Viktor, seems to have been pulled away from the plow and has not returned. Darust indicates there is a cave outside of town that bandits and travelers used to use before the recent mining boom instead of staying in town. He thinks perhaps some of the bandits from the bank robbery maybe are hiding out there and are looking to extort money from him in exchange for Viktor’s life. The party agrees to help out.

Parametheus shows them to the site of the kidnapping. Myto is able to track the scene to the main road heading East of Marsilon. He notes that it seems a single human pulled him to the road and loaded him in a cart. The party heads East continuing to follow the trail. Parametheus heads back to the Marsilon Inn to get Skullman and bring him back to the party. Upon the return of Parametheus and Skullman to the party. They decide to make camp and Parametheus heads home fearing he might be in trouble with his father already.

During the night Myto spots a dog in the woods during his watch. Skullman is able to calm and communicate with the animal who identifies itself as the pet of Viktor. He says that Viktor was taken by a priest in a red robe with a skull on it. He agrees to help find his master. The party packs up and heads out.

Between Myto and the Dog, the party is led to a cave off the road at the base of the mountain. Myto notices that tracks change from one human dragging a body to non human, humanoid footprints numbering over 10. The party approaches the cave calmly, but as soon as they near get near the dog takes off running into the cave. Skullman goes after it. He stops at the entrance of the cave and waits for the rest of the party.

When they enter the cave they get in a few feet only to hear the dog yelping as it runs past them out the cave. Seconds later spears come their way. They can only see four red eyes staring back at them. Myto draws his bow and shoots for the eyes. One pair dims the other pair disappears. There is yipping and yelping like a wild pack of animals.

The party moves forward to find the dead boy of a Kobold. They have to choose whether to go straight, go the left or go to the right. Without light they are at the mercy of the vision of the Half-Elves in the party. As they move down path to the right, they are repeatedly pelted with spears. The pattern is spear incoming, red eyes show up, they fire back, red eyes disappear and lots of yelping.

Finally, they are at point where they must go right or left. They choose right again and continue to fight off the attack. Suddenly they are attacked from behind. They turn to combat that attack as Myto kills another Kobold with his bow. However, Gryvine takes a spear to the back. At this point the party decides to just push forward. Myto starts to imagine himself being an elephant and sprouts two giant tusks out the side of his neck. His hands become enormous and heavy.

He barges straight in the open cavern in front of the party. He trips and catches his tusk on the wall. Ranged attacks incoming and outgoing. The party is clearly in the heart of the Kobold lair as they are out numbered 5 to 1. Myto is able to continue his attack gouging and trampling 4 or 5 Kobold’s in his new form. Gryvine steadily picks off several of them with his new crossbow.

As the numbers decrease it turns to hand to hand combat. The change back to normal affects Myto negatively and he takes a significant amount of damage at the hands of the Kobold pack. When Skullman breaks free he applies some first aid to get the pain to stop for Myto. Gryine and Aldo finish off the rest of the Kobolds including their Chief.

They find Viktor chained to the alter. Alive, but unconscious. After searching bodies they find a key to the chains and unlock him. He isn’t very coherent, but is able to walk. Under the mud throne of the Kobold Chieftain they find a wooden lock box. Aldo has to bash it three times to get it open, but finds a number of gems inside. Gryvine finds a philter behind the alter and stores it in his bag.

The party quickly finds it’s way out of the cave and heads to Darust’s to return Viktor. Parametheus greets them as they arrive. Darust invites them in and they share that by talking to the dog they were able to find Viktor and defeat the Kobolds. Darust is amazed that Skullman can talk with animals and asks if he is related to Fabijan. He shares a little about Fabijan who lives to the South. While Darust is grateful that the immediate problem is taken care of, he realizes now he has a problem with BOTH Kobolds and Hobogoblins. Furthermore, this battle between good and evil is really starting to heat up. He believes that the Crismon Sickle is involved based on discussions with Brother Jeremiah earlier in the day and the clues the party gave him about their adventure.

He offers the party land in town if they are willing to makes home here and help the town deal with issues to come. The party agrees as they have started to take a liking to the area. Some of them have big plans for the future. They head back to the inn for sleep.


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