Chronicles of Danurium

Meshach's Rising

The boys wake up and decide to go visit Oblivary to have the Vial Purple Liquid they found at Clead’s. They pay a small sum to have the vial checked out. Oblivary tells them it will take him some time to figure it out. He let’s them know that earlier in the day a traveler named Sosar was in earlier and was talking about an adventure with an underground temple.

They head back to the Farburn Inn. They find Sosor there. They agree to help escort him and get what he wants out of the temple. He agrees to let them have anything else they find.

The head to the Farburn Stable and get their horses saddled up and ride out. Along the way they see an ermine. Tas and Shook argue about what to do and Zaroc pulls out his bow and one shots it. They continue to ride until dark. When they get near where the entrance should be they dismount and look for the entrance.

They can’t find it and get frustrated. They decide to camp for the night and look in the morning. During his watch Zaroc hears something and wakes up everyone. Tas hears “I get to eat the Gnome” in Kobold. Four kobold circle the camp and attack. The party struggles to down them but finally gets it taken care of. Sosor tends to everyone wounds with some rudimentary bandages.

They go back to sleep. In the morning they wake up and eat. They are searching for the door when Zaroc finds two entwined trees with a whole in the middle leading down. Tas goes down and finds a hallway with stairs. He calls for the others to join him. They head down and begin exploring.

The first door they find is locked. Shook and Tas attempt to pick it but cant. Zaroc steps up and opens the door. In side the room are 4 hobgoblins counting out treasure. Tas and Shook try to sneak, but make noise alerting the hobgoblins to their presence. Sosor starts to chant putting several of them in a deep sleep. Shook and Tas make quick work of the fiends. They find an enormous pile of coins in the room and the chest the hobgoblins were huddled around.

They stash the chest off to the side and continue to explore. The find a room full of carcasses of dead monsters. As they dig through the corpses they are attacked by Fire Beetle’s. They notice the beetles “glow” still exists after they are dead. Sosor lets them know that the glands are valuable to apothecaries. They carve out the glands and throw them in their packs.

They continue on finding a torture chamber with a few racks and some other devices. They hear the jangling of keys. They ask Sosor what temple is this is and he tells them it is Crismon Sickle temple. Shook shows them a hole in the wall where the noise is coming from.

Tas looks in the hole and thinks he sees a rat. They can’t figure it out so go to head out, but are stopped by a closed portcullis that they cna not get open. They go back to the hole and Shook loos in and sees nothing. Tas looks in teh hole and sees a mechanism and sees it needs a square bar to operate.

The begin looking around the room and Shook finds something that might be the crank. He goes and puts it in the wall and starts turning. The portcullis starts opening. Shook tells Tas to go verify it is up all the way. The head out and find another shut portcullis. Tas puts his eye up to it to investigate and gets hit in the eye by squirting acid. Sosor tries to flush it out and apply bandages.

Shook goes back and gets the crank and comes to open the portcullis. The room is just full of empty cages with bones. The leave only to find another locked door. Shook picks the lock and enters. They see a ton of broken weapons and a collapsed ceiling. The room has another portcullis that is closed. Shook heads back and gets the crank. Tas finds the hole to operate the portcullis. Shook inserts the crank and opens it. They see something running away and start chasing it. As they pursue halflings down the hall, four jump down from the chandelier and attack. An epic battle between the party and eight halflings ensues.

Everyone is near death. Sosor attempts to bandage those he can up. They head back to the room with the broken weapons. Shook starts to make camp. Zaroc shuts the portcullis and relocks the entry door. They lay down for some rest.

On Tas’ watch he hears something and wakes everyone up. A shrieker comes into view and starts shrieking before they can put it out of it’s misery. They go back to sleep and not long before Zaroc now on watch hears something and alerts everyone.

A giant rat is climbing over the weapon heap right at them. They take care of it and go back to sleep. They get a lot of sleep and are feeling very rested. Shook re-opens the portcullis. They head down the corridor until they find a another stuck door. Shook is able to force it open. The room has the words “stay low” written on the wall. The team all ducks as they leave the room.

They find another door but can not get it open. Shook and Zaroc try brute force with no luck. Soros starts to wave his hands and mumble. The door pops open. They see a labyrinth on the floor made out of tiles. Shooks follows it and gets to a stuck door. Shook opens it and enters. A piercer falls through hitting Shook. Tas kills the slug as it starts to crawl away. They see a large chandelier, but nothing else.

They find another door in the room that seems stuck. Shook and Zaroc can not get it open with force. In a bit of a rage Shook is finally able to kick it in. It pushes into a small hallway. The hallway is filled with inscriptions that are not readable to anyone but Soros. Tas says the room is not right. Soros begins reading the inscriptions enthralled by the text.

Tas starts inspecting the stone floor. He notices several are loose and picks them up. The dirt underneath is freshly turned. He says, “something has recently been buried here”. Shook starts digging with his hands. Soros runs his hands along a few bricks and pulls one out. Behind it is a scroll that he quickly pockets. He tells the party, “I got what I came for, I am ready to leave when you are”.

Shook keeps digging until he has a set of eyes looking back at him. When they blink he passes out. Meshach says, “get off me”. Tas picks up Shook and asks Soros what is going on. Meshach asks “What day is it”. Shook tells him what day it is. Shook asks Meshach why he is buried. Meshach says, “It is my coming of age”. Shook passes out again unable to deal with a buried talking head.

Zaroc draws his bow and starts to take aim at Meshach’s head. Sosor knocks Zaroc’s bow down saying, “We are gonna need this guy.”. Tas digs up Meshach. Meshach cuts a deal to heal them and help them out in exchange for his life. Meshach starts praying. The right hands of Zaroc, Shook and Tas start burning uncontrollably. The symbol of Nerull appears on their hand that looks like a brand had made it. Then the pain disappears and they feel completely refreshed. Meshach asks where his at and Soros tells him the Temple of Drordorm.

Gryvine Finds His Magic

Upon searching the room the party decides they can not lug this huge chest full of silver around and stash it in the corner for later consumption. They head out and continue to search the temple. They get to an end of the corridor and the stench is unbearable. It seems they stumbled upon the bathroom for the orc party.

A goblin comes at them and Myto makes quick work of him. As they continue they hear something. As they get closer they see a giant shrieking mushroom. Aldo and Myto take care of it. Shortly after two more goblins come following the noise of the shrieker. Skullman and Aldo finish them off.

The Temple of the Swamp is extremely hot and muggy. Bee passes out from dehydration. As they are tending to her another goblin comes at them that Myto makes quick work of. The bodies are stacking up!

Since they are at a dead end of the temple they decide to make camp. Gryvine and Myto take watch while the rest of the party gets some rest. Gryvine finds writing on the floor talking about a crazy Crismon Sickle priest named Caden. Lore tells of him wielding a two headed flail and fighting epic battles in the name of Nerull. Gryvine remembers that legend says that the Caden’s Flail and Caden are both buried in the temple.

A shrieker comes meandering down the hall. Myto wakes up Skullman and they eliminate the threat. They get some sleep. Eat and start out to continue searching for the Eye of the Seer. As they continue exploring an orc attacks and is thrashed by Gryvine and Aldo.

Myto notices a brick out of place and promptly pulls on it. Back down the hall the floor with the inscriptions that Gryvine had been expecting opens up and exposes a box. The box has a Crismon Sickle insignia and is locked. Gryvine reads the inscriptions and is convinced it contains Caden’s flail. He conjures up some magic and opens the box. It contains a rod that is clearly magic, but he can not tell what it does. He attempts to use it, but can’t get it to do anything. He puts it back in the box and into Aldo’s backpack.

Another shrieker emerges and is killed by Aldo and Gryvine. As they continue exploring they run into a few Orcs. Myto uses his new found anointed magic to heal. The find a hole in the ceiling that gets some dirt knocked loose to expose a small tunnel up. Myto clutches his Cloak of the Bat and turns into a bat to go up and explore. He comes back to report that the tunnel leads up to the swamp.

The get to a large room with a fire place, that looks like it has not been used in quite some time. Myto sees writing that before his very eyes changes to Elvish and reads “The idols will unleash the power of Nerull and put the Sickle on the Throne”. Myto tells everyone what he reads. They are frustrated because to them it only reads gibberish.

They continue on reaching a door that is stuck. Aldo uses brute force to get it open. The corridor is filled with smoke and Gryvine and Skullman start coughing and find it hard to breath. A shrieker is in the middle of it all. During melee Myto hits Aldo on accident.

Skullman patches up Aldo and the move along. Another shrieker is found and killed. Moving forward orcs are encountered Gryvine wields his eletrical magic and Bee commands one to run away. Gryvine shoots flames from his hands doing in anything still standing. Skullman tends to the wounded.

The find a room with “The Daggers of Caham have looted this place.” written on a wall. They attempt to open an adjacent door without much luck. Finally Myto, Aldo and Skullman team up and pull the door open. They see a group of kobold priests around an alter praying. Skullman turns into a snake, before entering Gryvine tells him to stand back. He conjures up a web than entangles all twelve kobolds who begin squealing. They start to wailing on the priests and then Gryvine unloads fire from his fists again leaving a pile of burning kobold carcass.

They leave the stench filled room and sit to eat waiting for the bodies to stop burning. They find nothing of note on the burnt bodies or in the altar room. A shrieker comes by and Skullman turns his stick into shillelagh as the battle begins.

Hitting a dead end they back track. Along the way they notice what appears to be a secret door. Skullman tries to determine if it is magic, but finds nothing. They figure out the mechanism and enter the room only to be covered by slime and alerting a vicious ogre. Skullman summons the bugs and Gryvine emits his electricity. Myto prays to Kelron and focuses on an elephant going on an elephant rampage. The Ogre is put to rest in short order. Myto realizes his elephant “skin” is now gone. They hear a human woman weeping and notice a number of cages mostly with skeletons but one with a woman.

Myto calls on Kelron to have mercy and restore her health. Bee prays to Kelron. She commands the woman to speak, but she can only utter non sense. Aldo breaks the cage open. Gryvine gently talks her out of the cage. Bee gives her some food. They all rest as the exhaustion has finally caught up with them. They wake up and eat breakfast.

The woman finally tells them her name is Jelica. She lets them that her and her husband were on teh way to Locarno from Blackmoor, when sleeping for the night in the mountains. The ogre killed her husband and then brought her back here. Gryvine tells her that they will take her back to Marsilon and then get her transport to Blackmoor.

They take the furs off the ogre and Myto fashions a large sack out of them. They collect all the treasure in the room and put in this newly fashioned sack. Myto extracts the teeth out of the Ogre (all 30 of them). Skullman tears off a bar of one of the cages and they use it so that Myto and Aldo can carry the bag with it.

They decide to head out and start backtracking. They run into a shrieker and dispose of it. A goblin is alerted and comes running. Gryvine releases fire and electricity in an explosive display of power. It is clear that he is finding his groove as a magic wielding power house. They make their way back to the mirror.

They show it the teeth. The mirror swirls and arms extend out of it and pull the teeth in. A crystal sphere then appears hovering above the mirror. Gryvine grabs it and looks into it. He sees the events ( Betrayed at the Squid) from the Laughing Squid

The mirror says, “The eye of the seer, lets you things that are far and those that are near. It lets you see the history that you may even fear.” Bee is nervous and doesn’t want to take it, but Gryvine tells her the history of the quest ( Kings Are Not What They Seem). They exit the temple. Myto and Skullman cover up the tracks and the entrance and channel their deities to bring everyone back to health.

Enter the Temple

The group makes camp, has dinner and settles in for the night. Myto starts to feel something under his arm during watch and when reaching for it is bite by a giant python. Before he can get his bearings he is wrapped by the snake. alAldo and gGryvine try to help remove the animal before getting entwined themselves. Bee prays fervently to Kelron. Skullman communicates with the snake only to learn it is very hungry. While Myto and the others are trashing to get loose, Skullman tries to locate a giant rat or small beast for the snake to eat. Bee wields her magic to command Skullman to kill the snake. Skullman does so and frees the others. They all get some rest and sleep for the night.

In the morning they argue about tying up the horses and finally convince Bee that the horses are better to be tied up here on dry land. They head back to the Temple of the Swamp. As they are mucking through the swamp they are attacked by a large toad. Skullman turns into a snake. Gryvine shoots missiles out of his hands in an impressive display downing the frog. Skullman checks out the path to the Temple and gives it an all clear. They enter the Temple and can’t open the door. Gryvine digs deep and pulls out some magic that opens the door. It is very hot and humid in the temple. The walls are covered in purple fungus that glows at night. Myto recognizes it as a phosphorus fungus that has some value. Inside the tempe they enter a large room with a big mirror. The mirror talks to them saying “Thirty white horses on a red hill, first they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still. Bring them back from the biggest monster within.”

The group is perplexed and ask many questions and the mirror will only say the same thing over and over. Bee suggests maybe the mirror is talking about teeth. They exit the hall and start exploring. Myto is hit by a dart and they find the source.

They continue and find a room with a locked door. Myto looks around and guesses there are Orcs around. Skullman gongs on the locked door. Orcs open the door and start to come in. Bee commands them to run in the opposite direction. Gryvine grabs ahold of one and electrocutes him to death. Skullman turns into a snake and goes through the door way. Myto gears up a prayer to Kelron and goes into an elephant rage. They take care of business and quickly notice Myto has pale gray elephant skin. AGAIN.

They find a large lock box full of Thinul and Silver. They notice a geometric tapestry hanging in the room.

Bee the Protector

The party wakes up and heads to The Wild Pig for a hearty breakfast. Rotas tells them that Brother Hatas is looking for them. Aldo hits on Kalen as he pays, who immediately rejects him.

They all head over to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. There Hatas greats them. He goes to fetch Bee. He introduces her to the party. Bee asks “How can the chosen one be the chosen one, he is a half-breed”. She tells them that she is sent by Brother Jeremiah to look over the chosen one (Myto. They ask Hatas if she can be trusted. He shows them the Mark of Kelron on her inner right wrist.

They tell Bee that they are searching for the Eye of the Seer. They ask if she has a horse and she lets them know she does not. They head over to the stables where they find Parametheus. They introduce Bee and buy her a gorgeous white horse that she names Khalesi. Myto and Skullman head over to Wilbert to find a saddle. Aldo stays and teaches Parametheus a thing or two.

At Wilbert’s, Myto insists on the worst saddle possible. Wilbert gives him one that reeks like toe cheese. They head back to the stables. Myto saddles Khalesi while barely being able to hold down his breakfast. Bee says the horse stinks. Parametheus says it is the saddle. She refuses to mount the horse. They beg Parametheus for a saddle. He finally gives in and give them his. Aldo and Myto vomit removing the saddle to replace it.

Before heading out Bee shares the drawing of the eye of the seer and a map to the Temple of the Swamp. Gryvine asks to look at the map. They ride out. After a peaceful day they stop to make camp at dusk. In the middle of the night Goblins attack. Gryvine and Skullman make it magic show while taking care of business. They get some sleep in before morning.

The travel to the head of the swamp is uneventful. Gryvine shares his limited knowledge that the Temple is an old Crismon Sickle temple. Gryvine asks Skullman about swamps and Bee starts teasing him. Skullman finds a fish and starts to talk to it. They are lead to a mound where Bee finds a small opening. They dig out the dirt and reeds and find a passage down. They want to tie up the horse, but Bee wont leave Khalesi in the swamp along. As it is getting dark they head a mile away to dry land and start to setup camp.

Kings Are Not What They Seem
Thirst of Power and Kingdoms Give Rise to Nerull's Advancement

The party wakes up and heads to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. There they find Brother Hatas, Brother Kalrorm and Brother Soild deep in meditation. Gryvine tries to get their attention but has no luck. Finally a monk enters and they ask him about the the door the encountered the day prior ( Mystery of the Disappearing Travelers). The monk can provide no answers but suggests that Hatas might know. When inquiring how long they might be meditating for, they are told that they have been praying for answers for the last three days and he has no idea how much longer they will be, but assumes not much longer.

They decide to head to Sprig‘s to unload some gems. They sell a number of gems, but Sprig is disappointed the quality is not all that exceptional. He takes the time to show Gryvine the imperfections and why he can’t pay much for them.

They all follow Myto to Wilbert‘s tannery. There they find Wilbert and Myto asks him to make a cloak out of the mountain lion pelt he has. Wilbert tells him that he can fashion something and takes the pelt telling him to return in 7 days. During the exchange Gryvine comments on the quality of Myto’s current cloak (Cloak of the Bat) and offers to take it and identify what magic it may have.

They leave to head to the Marsilon Bank. Gryine tells them to check on the mine including Sergius and then heads off to gather materials necessary to identify the cloak and then heads back to the Marsilon Inn.

Vesden greets them politely as the deposit gold. She is always happy to see her best customers. From there they head to Didar’s weapon shop. Myto asks for light weight armor. Didar teases him and tells him that he should see Launo if wants armor for sissies. The adventurers then meander over to Launo and Myto looks over several different armor variations. Finally settling on a nice padded armor style. Launo fits him for it and lets him know it will be ready in about 4 weeks.

The grabs their horses and head out to their mine. Along the way they are ambushed by four hobgoblins. Aldo thrashes them while Skullman rains down the insect swarms. Myto punishes them well. Skullman pins one down but ends up killing him in the process. Skullman does a great job making sure everyone stays healthy. They continue on to the mine.

When they show up the door is locked. They knock on the door. Skullman thinks he hears something, but he can’t understand what is being said. They begin to argue how to unlock the door. Myto starts tracking around the door, but can’t find anything other than Sergius tracks. The door lock clanks and the begins to open.

The group stands ready and attacks when they see two Drow Elves open the door. Aldo kills one and Skullman the other. Aldo scalps them and takes their chain armor. They enter the cave to find Sergius knocking on deaths door with his intestines hanging out. Skullman goes to work and gets him on the mend, but he remains unconscious.

They make camp inside the mine.

Back in Marsilon, Gryvine under great duress is able to successfully identify Myto’s cloak (Cloak of the Bat). Immediately, he passes out from exhaustion.

In the mine, Skullman helps Aldo get past his ailments. They decide to sleep and start the first watch. Myto begins to have a horrible dream of a Drider fighting Kelron Monks. The drider head turns into the flaming head of Nerull and devours the monks. Myto wakes up in pool of sweat. He begins praying and is overcome with an incredible fear that makes him open his eyes to see a dart go past his head.

Before he can do much he is hit with a dart and falls unconscious. Skullman running from the other side of the mine releases the insect swarm with little to no effect before being hit by a dart and being knocked into a slumber. Aldo wakes up and starts slashing, but is severely injured. As he fears that his life has ended he sees Brother Jeremiah appear and dismantle the one of the drows with his bare hands. Aldo digs deep and makes work of the other one. Jeremiah runs off and Aldo follows him. Jeremiah seemingly runs right the mine shaft wall. Aldo goes back and picks up the chain mail, swords, crossbows and darts from the dead drow. He notices they both wear Crismon Sickle insignias. He scalps them. Exhausted he lays down for an hour before morning.

Myto awakes in the morning to Aldo’s not so nimble touch. Aldo recounts the events to Myto. Sergius awakes and tells them both that he was mining and out of no where the drow attacked him. Aldo and Sergius discuss how they will continue mining operations under these conditions. Sergius says he will not continue without protection. They decide it best to lock everything up and head back to Marsilon.

As they are packing up Skullman comes to. Aldo explains the evenings events. They saddle up and have an uneventful ride to Marsilon dropping Sergius off at his house. They then head to the The Wild Pig.

While there Skullman tends to his wounds. They ask Blamhammer where to find guards. He points them to Blackmoor Trading Company Union or Blackmoor. They head back to the inn. They find Gryvine fast asleep. They leave him a note and go back to the monastery.

Brother Hatas, greets them. He tells them that Nerull is growing strong and to the South, the power balance is shifting. Aldo gives back the Idols of the Seed. They ask about Brother Jeremiah. They tell of the story and how he went through the wall. Hatas shows them a book with legendary Nerull Portals marked with skulls, snakes and red liquid doors. He indicates this means Nerull has regained his lost powers and that they are losing the battle. Myto asks if the doors can be opened on holy ground, and is told no.

When pressed about what they must do, they are told that protecting Kelron’s Lexicon of Body and Mind is the monks only priority. They are told that Kelron is holding Nerull at bay but the armies on Danurium are not doing their part and that is where Nerull is drawing his power. Aldo asks how they can help.

He is told that the Lords and Kings of Thinul have been warring amongst themselves and not focused on defeating Nerull. That to swing the tide they must regain focus and be unified. He states that it started with Fergus. He suggests asking Fabijan and the Circle of Fergus where to start. The discord started with Fergus and the Circle of Fergus holds the answer how to restore peace to the kingdom.

They begin to argue about what to do next. Aldo and Skullman go back to the Inn. Myto stays to talk to Hatas. He shares the horrific dream he has and asks if it is real. Hatas tells him that it is likely that Jeremiah and other monks are battling on the astral plane of the Gods and that it really happened. Myto heads back to the Inn.

Gryvine tells Myto about his cloak. It’s ability to let him lay invisible in shadows and fly or transform into a bat. Skullman says he is going to visit Fabijan. Aldo and Gryvine go to eat and crash for the night. Myto follows Skullman. He tries to use the cloak, but has no luck. Skullman turns into a dog as the go through the hunting grounds. As they get close Skullman shifts into a human and calls for Fabijan. A snake comes slithering by and turns into Fabijan. They bow. Fabijan chastises them and reminds them he is no king. Skullman asks Myto to tell Fabijan the story that Hatas told them about. Myto shares and Fabijan gets angry stating he does not fight wars for Gods or mean. That the Circle of Fergus will not get in the middle of it. They continue to badger him but he turns into a snake in disgust and slithers off. They head back to the inn and Myto goes to bed. Skullman talks to Gryvine about the interactions and asks how he can get Fabijan to help. Skullman goes to his room to sulk.

Aldo and Gryvine go to Didar’s and sell the drow chain mail and swords. Then they head to Rilla the herbalist. Gryvine shows her the drow darts and asks if she can make an antidote for the poison and copy the poison. Rilla believes she can try but needs a month and 400 Thinul.

They go to Wilbert’s and ask him if he can make similar darts. He says no, that it would require elven talent. They would need to go to Blackmoor. They ask if they can put in an order for him to fill. He agrees and says he will take to Dritir when he goes this week. They put in an order for 80 darts.

They go back to the Tavern and wake up Skullman and Myto. Myto tells Gryvine he can’t make the cloak work. They go to a dark room and try a number of things until Myto becomes invisible. They have Skullman verify he can’t see him either.

They head off to see Fabijan. When getting close they hear a frog croaking. Skullman starts to speak in Frog and confirms it is Fabijan. Fabijan transforms into human form. Skullman and Fabijan fight more about the situation. Gryvine bows when introduced. Fabijan scolds him. Gryvine talks the balance of the Circle of Fergus. Fabijan gets frustrated and states the circle is in balance. After much banter Gryvine asks how the circle of Fergus was started.

Fabijan tells them it always existed since the beginning of Danurium. However the first druid circle of Fergus is a different story. He tells the story of King Fergus.

He talks about Marjinum(sp)shape shifters. That they can’t control their shifting and only cna shift into a single animal form. He tells them that the Eye of the Seer will show Thortur the truth. That they need to go the South near Locarno and there they will find it in the swamps.

Fabijan turns back into a frog and hops off. They head back to Marsilon. They turn in for the night at the Tavern.

Mystery of the Disappearing Travelers
Where they go. No one knows.

The party wakes up and asks the Inn Keeper where they could find an engineer. They are pointed to the Blackmoor Mason Guild. They head to the guild and find Publius a dwarf engineer. He lets them know site review will be 50 Thinul and then in week he will know more. In three weeks he can have some plans and costs. They decided to move forward. Gryvine in particular is excited for the construction to start.

The party stops by Orfrank’s. Leque opens the door and lets them in. Gryvine pulls Orfrank aside and tells him the story from the previous evening ( Betrayed at the Squid). Orfrank tells him he does not believe it was Leque and that Aldo must be mistaken.

They leave frustrated and grab Sprig, the wagon and horses and head out of town. They pass lots of towns people and a few guards along the way. Overall, it was a good day and the camp for the night.

During night watch Skullman is sapped from behind and Myto is shanked while sleeping. Gryvine aways to someone smothering him. Skullman casts insect swarm and Gryvine light to start things off. During battle Gryvine enlarges Aldo who just can’t hit anything. Skullman shifts into a wolf and starts to defend Myto. Myto channels the power of Kelron growing tusks and going berserk. When it was all said and done eight thugs littered camp. Skullman recognized two of them were from the Laughing Squid. They try to get some sleep before the sun rises.

As the day starts the pick up and head out. A little weary from the night before. They pass some miners from Marsilon with a wagon load. They keep going and camp for the night. They got great rest and were back on the road early in the morning.

They cross a traveler that Myto notices has a Crismon Sickle patch under his garments. As soon as they pass him he disappears. A few miles down the road another traveler passes and seems to disappear after passing. Not much later a third guy comes their way. Myto realizes it is the same guy. They all watch and try to talk him. He disappears as well. They forge on perplexed and stop at dusk to make camp.

In the middle of the night Skullman is attacked by a Derro Dwarf. Gryvine unleashes a shocking grasp. During the battle Gryvine levitates one of them in the air and Skullman releases the bugs again. In the heat of battle Skullman entangled one of them in the distance. The party was able to eliminate both dwarves. Skullman did a great job healing the party and restoring them after the tussle. Everyone went back to sleep.

At first light the party heads out. Another man passes by and disappears. Gryvine invokes some magic and reveals a door. Sprig confirms this is no illusion. Myto encourages them enter the door. Everyone else wants to ask the Kelron Monks for advice instead. They enter Marsilon and stable the horses. They drop off Sprig and head to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery, but no one answers. They head back to Marsilon Inn and get some sleep.

Betrayed at the Squid
Nothing is what it seems in the underbelly of Blackmoor.

The motley crew awakes and heads straight to orOrfrank’s. They leave a note for Sprig who is still passed out from the evening before. Gryvine gives Aldo the Idols of the Seed and instructions to sell, but only to get to the source not to actually sell it.

Gryvine then heads to Kang’s. The rest of the party heads to the Adventure Supply Company. Aldo buys torches, rope and bolts. Myto buys arrows of meager quality.

From there they head to local bowyer Dritir. Myto buys some fine quality arrows. Dritir impressed with Myto challenges him to hit a target. Myto hits the target splitting another arrow. Dritir brings out some exceptional arrows. He shows the quality by piercing straight through a target. Myto wants to buy several dozen, but is told that only a dozen are available. Dritir tells him he lacks hematite to make more.

Kang immediately notices the ring on Gryvine’s finger when opens the door. He asks what it is. Gryvine mentioned he got it from Orfrank and doesn’t know anything about it. Kang in a rage grabs Gryvine’s hand and slams it to the table while yanking it off.

He starts to rant about if only Gryvine could tell whether something was magic and what it’s properties were. So disappointed he storms off upstairs. Gryvine ashamed whips out his spellbook and begins studying.

The party heads to Orfrank’s and are greeted by Leque. They ask to speak with Orfrank and told he will be out in a minute. Aldo heads in and waits. Myto and Skullman head back to Cokal’s to find Sprig.

When they get to Cokal’s they find Sprig is already gone. They turn around and head back to Orfrank’s where they find Aldo still waiting. When Orfrank arrives they ask him to estimate the value of the Idol and share that they have been asked by the Kelron Monks to get information on who would want to buy it. He estimates it’s value at about 25,000 to 35,000 Thinul. They thank him and head out. On they way out Leque let’s them know it is customary to pay a sage for his advice. Aldo profusely apologizes and leaves a large payment with her.

They head out and as they are passing the Blackmoor Bank they hear Sprig pissing and moaning as he exits. He is very upset at the fees the bank charges and is agitated. They decided to him to the Boar’s Nest for breakfast. Sprig wants to drink. They try to delay him to get more information. They ask them who they should be trying to sell the idol to on the black market. Sprig points them to the Laughing Squid to see Ivo. Sprig tells them trick to the Squid is to enter without being seen.

Gryvine casts identify and learns about the Ring Magician. He promptly passes out.

The party heads out towards the Squid. Skullman start bragging that he can get in no problem. Myto and Aldo dare him to do so. Making a bet on it. Skullman turns into a pigeon and flies into an open window. He goes through a few rooms and then heads down the stairs towards the door. He is pulled by the neck as he is held in arm bar being choked. He is told he doesn’t belong. They drag him up the stairs. He is almost executed as he is demanded to give them one reason why they should let him live. Skullman offers them money. They hit him with the broad side of sword and knock him out.

After a long time of anxious waiting Aldo and Myto try to buy their way in. The thugs at the door refuse to talk to them. Ivo comes out and pulls a thug inside. A prostitute let’s Ivo know that Myto and Aldo are with Skullman. The thugs are signaled to take them into the building. They are brought upstairs an shown their unconscious friend. They ask to speak to Ivo who reveals himself. They ask Ivo to fence the idol for them. He agrees after some negotiating.

Skullman casts cure light wounds on himself before they head over to Kang’s. Gryvine lets them in but is too exhausted to continue with them. The boys head back to the Boar’s Nest. They find Sprig and drink with him for a bit. When night falls they head back to Kang’s this time picking up Gryvine and then head back to the Squid.

When they show up only Aldo is allowed in. Ivo tells him he has a buyer. They get in an argument over the pricing and Aldo’s unwillingness to sell. Aldo is knocked out and chained. He wakes up and tries breaking out and is knocked out again. Skullman after getting worried transforms into a pigeon and flies looking windows until he finds Aldo passed out on the floor.

Mean while Gryvine goes around front. He does a charm person on a thug and asks for an update. Aldo wakes up to Skullman sitting in the window chirping. Myto goes around to the front to meet with Gryvine. They then head back the rear to find Skullman. While still in pigeon form Skullman answers a number of questions Gryvine asks him.

Aldo has a bag put over his head and is taken somewhere. Skullman flies back up to find Aldo is gone. Skullman comes back down and transforms to tell them all that Aldo is gone.

The group panicked heads to Orfrank’s for answers, but no one is there. They go back to the Squid and talk to one of the thugs who gives them information that Aldo is okay (worked like a “charm”). Aldo wakes up to find himself in a closet. He can faintly see out of the slates in the door. He sees Leque talking to Ivo. It is clear the conversation is escalating into a verbal battle.

Aldo starts kicking the door. A thug guarding the door kicks back and tells him to hush. Ivo disappears for a bit. The thugs open the door and take Aldo back up the meeting room where Ivo is waiting. Ivo says he will exchange his life for his coin purse. Aldo complies and the thugs escort him out of the Squid. The rest of the party standing out front is amazed to see Aldo out unscathed.

The party heads back to the Inn. They eat and head up to their room. Aldo shares that he thinks Leque was the buyer. They go to bed for the night.

Tarsan's Rage Shines Through

Shook and Zaroc wake up and head down to eat. In the middle of their meal Oblivary walks in. Shook tells him they have his flowers. He directs them to head back to his shop to finish business.

Shook heads up to fetch the box. He opens it and inspects the dagger inside. He admires it’s great quality and heads back downstairs box in tow. Shook and Zaroc argue about what to do with the flowers. They consider giving only a few of them to Oblivary and keeping the rest for themselves. Trying to reconcile this dilemma they head over to Doech to find out what he knows. He is deathly afraid of them and refuses to engage in conversation. Dejected the duo gives up and takes the flowers to Oblivary. Giving him all that they found.

Oblivary removes the ring from Zaroc releasing his soul. In the meantime, Tas breaks himself free from the jail and heads back to the Farburn Inn. He quickly heads upstairs and disguises himself as an old man.

Shook and Zaroc feeling the burden relieved of finishing up the promise to Oblivary head back to the Inn. For some reason they are unusually hungry, I guess putting your soul on the line can do that. As they are eating down comes Tas. Zaroc recognizes him despite the disguise and they all eat discussing the prior days adventures.

They decide it is time to get vengeance on Tarsan and start devising a plan of attack. Quickly, they realize this is going to be very difficult and Tas throws out that perhaps they should surface that Clead (deceased) as a traitor to Tarsan.

Zarco heads upstairs to disguise himself as an old man as well. Figuring that it might be wise to lay low going about town. Tas talks to Garxche to inquire about where Clead might live. The group quickly heads towards the slum to find any sign of Clead.

While walking towards the slum Zaroc and Tas start to get into an argument about what happened to his money and when he was left for dead on the side of the road. They quickly reconcile and exchange funds.

Zaroc starts to ask a woman about where they may find Clead. Her children playing around them in fun and games create a stir as her daughter tries to lift Zaroc’s money pouch. Zaroc grabs her by the arm as she starts to run a way ripping her arm out of it’s socket at the shoulder.

Immediately several men from the slum move towards him to attack. Three of them jumped on Zaroc as a fourth started launching in arrows from a 20 yards away. Tas ducked into the shadows as Shook stood amazed at the trouble Zaroc had gotten them into yet again.

Tas was able to get one from behind and Zaroc took care of the first to strike him. Shook was able to slide behind one of the attackers and slit his throat from behind in most efficient of executions. The one standing with the after seeing this carnage turned in fear and headed down the street. When the boys looked up, the streets of the slum were clear and not a single person was in sight.

Tas knocks on a door, to a woman who refuses to open or answer. After some threatening she reveals that Clead works in the jail. Everyone heads back to the inn. They discuss turning on Clead and telling Tarsan what is up. Zaroc and Tas change disguise to keep a low profile.

Shook heads to the jail and asks a guard to see Tarsan. The guard indicates that Tarsan is not there, but is in his stronghold. Shook heads back to the inn and let’s the others know.

Everyone heads out of town towards Tarsan’s stronghold. Along the way they run into four armed horsemen. Clearly Majarnum Army. They refuse to the let them continue on the path or access Tarsan. They let them know Tarsan is exhausted and has no time for them. Tas uses his wile to put doubt in their head letting them know that if this information doesn’t get to Tarsan they will be held responsible. The guards begin to argue among themselves. They decide that one of them should go back and get their Captain (Kolin.

The three remaining guards and the party sit and make idle small talk waiting for the captain to arrive. When Kolin arrives Tas takes him aside and discreetly lets him know about the affair. Kolin is a bit belligerent and refuses to acknowledge it as truth. In the end, Tas convinces Kolin to take them to Clead’s and get the story resolved.

They arrive at Clead’s waking him from a slumber. Clead denies everything, infuriating Kolin. Tas goes out on a limb and admits that he and Zaroc had ambushed Tarsan a few days ago as hired assassins paid by Clead. Clead takes the opportunity to take off running. Before he can even get to the end of the slums the guards tackle and shackle Clead. They put Tas in custody as well. They take off on horseback with prisoners in tow heading towards Tarsan’s stronghold.

Shook and Zaroc dumbfounded head back to Farburn Inn.

When they arrive at Tarsan’s, Kolin explains the situation to Tarsan. Who is completely perturbed at the whole situation. When he looks over at his wife Ili he can see in her eyes that it is true. He slaps her across the face knocking her across the room. He unsheathes his sword and drives it right through the top of Cleads skull straight through his body and out his back side. The anguish and screaming is horrific. He then turns and slams the door leaving everyone watching in awe.

Captain Kolin let’s Tas go and suggests he lay low. Tas books it back to the Farburn Inn. He finds Shook and Zaroc there and suggests they go back to Clead’s and clear the place out. Zaroc and Tas re-disguise themselves and everyone heads out. Inside Clead’s they find a sword, keys and a cheap box. Inside the box they find a vial and some papers. They assume the papers are love notes as they are signed by Ili. However, they are in a language none of them can recognize.

They decide to return to Farburn Inn and get some sleep.

Rainbow Flower For Your Soul

Tonarr the jailer and Tarsan come looking for Tas and Zaroc. Storming into the Inn and demanding Garxche turn the human and the gnome over. Garxche points them to their room and says he is staying out of it.

All the commotion wakes up Shook who comes down as Tonarr is grabbing Tas who is feebly trying to escape his clutches. Tarsan knocks him down and shackles him, escorting him out of the inn. Shook curious follows the parade to the jail. Shook attempts to enter the jail and is denied by the guard.

He demands in and Tonarr comes out and tells him to leave. He continues to insist and out comes Tarsan who thumps him the chest knocking him across the road telling him to get lost. He dusts himself off and saunters off. He catches a glimpse of Tas in the jail cell through the bars. Tas is feverishly trying to get out of the jail. Despite his attempts Shook has no luck getting Tas to tell him much of anything.

Shook heads back to the in and asks Garxche about Zaroc, but doesn’t get anywhere. Garxche panics as his dear friend Oblivary hasn’t come in for breakfast. He is worried with all the murders on the farm and Tarsan’s rage that perhaps something has happened to him. He asks Shook to check on him in exchange for a free night at the Inn.

Shook finds Oblivary hard at work and very distracted, but in good health. Shook heads back to the in and gives Garxche an update. He gives him some bread and drink to take back to Oblivary, which Shook gladly does.

He then heads over to the prison but sees no sign of Tas in the window. He again pleads with the guard to let him in, but is refused. Finally Tonarr turns up and tells him it is time to leave or he will be imprisoned.

Oblivary tries to give Zaroc a potion, but with little luck. Zaroc can’t keep it down and pukes it back up and passes out.

Shook heads back to the inn dejected to eat breakfast.

Oblivary gives another attempted potion to Zaroc. It smells foul but goes right down. Zaroc feels the urge to puke up his guts but instead just erupts with the most hideous and foul smelling belch. Feeling fantastic afterwards. He gets up ready to go, but Oblivary demands payment. Saying that Tas promised to bring flowers, but has not returned. Zaroc agrees to give Oblivary his soul as payment in two days if he does not return with the flower. Oblivary puts on a ring that binds to Zaroc and knocks him out. Upon awaking he runs to the inn.

He finds Shook sitting eating breakfast and the begin to argue about the events of the past day. They head over to Doech as instructed by Oblivary to find where the flowers are located. Doech tells them about how Hinar shared with him while drinking that he had flowers that shot light. He tells them where Hinar lives.

The two friends immediately head out to Hinar’s farm. For most of the way they argue about money and the mess they have found themselves in. They pass three farmers one of them named Sondast with little trouble. Finally the reach the Hinar farm. They cut through the corn field and Zaroc is attacked by a snake. He is bitten many times before finally cutting off the snakes head. The sounds alert Hinar who heads over to the corn field. Shook jumps out and cuts him badly, but not before Hinar sinks his sickle into Shook knocking him out.

Zaroc now with the snake behind him stands up and draws his bow putting an arrow through his eye in a single shot. Hinar’s son comes running out of the barn towards Zaroc. Zaroc hits him in the shoulder with an arrow knocking him down.

Zaroc attempts to help Shook up but can’t wake him. Hinar’s son gets up and hit’s Zaroc from behind falling down and striking him with the broad side of the sword. Zaroc kills him stabbing him in the neck. Zaroc gets Shook up and then starts puking. He isn’t feeling so well.

Zaroc and Shook enter the barn and find nothing. They head over to the house and turn it upside down. In the bed room they find Hinar’s wife. Zaroc grabs her by the hair, despite her blood curdling screams, and slits her throat. Shook finds a strong box in the kitchen while Zaroc falls in pain unable to move. Shook searches every body for a key with no luck. Zaroc is moaning and puking uncontrollably eventually passing out as Shook picked the lock on the strong box. Finding flowers and a dagger.

Shook drags Zaroc a quarter mile before stopping exhausted to sleep. Wild dogs come up on them and start to eat and gnaw at the leather armor attracted to the dried puke on Zaroc. When the third dog arrives Shook hits one of the dogs with his bo stick killing it and scaring off the other dogs.

Shook continues to drag Zaroc running into a peasant who demands to know where Hinar is. The peasant begins to run towards the house as Hinar follows him and assasinates him from behind. Shook pulls all the bodies into the field and heads back to Zaroc to continue dragging him back to Farburn.

Another peasant passes by without noticing them. Finally Zaroc wakes up and they both limp back to town passing another peasant without issue. They head into the inn where Kelray is appalled at their blood stained appearance. They head straight to their room. Shook hides the strong box and they both pass out.

Ambush Gone Bad

Zaroc and Tas wake up. Shook already headed off. Zaroc is paid by the Qualrak for killing Tiniris. Zaroc and Tas meet and wander the city. They are approached by Clead to kill Tarsan to cover up his love affair with Tarsan’s wife.

They head outside of town and hide their horse and sit beside the road waiting for Tarsan. After a long while a peasant goes by and they are not discovered. Then a group of bandits go by, they are almost discovered as Zaroc makes a slight misstep.

Finally after what seems like an eternity Tarsan turns up. They attempt to ambush him, but his experience lets hime see right through their ways and he nearly brings Zaroc to death. As Zaroc lays bleeding to death another peasant from town meanders past looting Zaroc of his possessions. Before he can escape Tas kills him and loads up Zaroc and heads back to town.

Tas finds the local apothecary, Oblivary and pleads with him to help aid restoring Zaroc back to health. He asks them to investigate some flowers in return for his help. Sending them to Doech, the cooper who has a lead on who has them.

Tas goes back to the Inn and finds Doech. He starts a conversation and gets him to tell him that Hinar, a farmer a few miles West of town, has some crazy flowers. He takes the cart and horse to the stable and sells them. He then heads out on Zaroc’s horse to teh farm out side of town and tries to figure out if it is Hinar’s.

Shook spent the day trying to gain information about the Liar’s Den and how the city operates. He came back in the evening looking for Zaroc and could not find him. He was told by Garxche that he saw him with a shady looking Gnome but that he had just left and there was no sight of Zaroc. Shook turned in for the night after having an ale.

Unable to find any clues Tas heads back to the inn for sleep.


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