Scroll of Zazel

Dwarven Priest Spells


Weaopn of the Earth (Alteration)

Sphere: Elemental (Earth)
Level: 1
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 1 round / level
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect : Special
Saving Throw: None
Allows the caster to transform a normal chunk of stone into a weapon.

Battle Hammer

The affected stone must be of a volume relative to the weapon type it assumes or it will fail.

Despite being made out of stone, the weapon inflicts normal damage for its kind. Of course, its stone composition makes it immune to metal-affecting magic and conditions like rust and corrosion, heat metal and crystalbrittle spells, etc. On the other hand, the weapon is suseptible to stone affecting spells, such as stone t oflesh, tansmute rock to mud, and the like. In any case, the weapon is considered magical for purpose of determing what creatures it can hit, but it provides no additonal attack or damage bonuses.

When the spell expires the weapon returns to its normal form. Dispel magic and similar effects can make the weapon revert to a normal stone early if cast successful.

The material components for this spell are the cleric’s holy symbol, the stone to be turned and a small chunk of iron ore. Only the iron is consumed in casting.

Mark of Brotherhood

Sphere: All
Level: 2
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

This spell places a magical glyph on each of the recipient’s hands. Once in place the mark of the brotherhood becomes invisible. Thereafter, only those who possess an identical mark of brotherhood are able to see it. Magical detecting not withstanding.

A mark of brotherhood is a permanent fixture unless the recipient commits some offense against the clan or religion associated with the spell, be it physical harm, political sabotage, or the like. If such an act is committed, the mark of brotherhood flares with light of molten steel, searing the recipient’s hans for 2 hp damage per level of the casting priest (at time spell was cast), and leaving behind visible, scars from the ordeal. Note that this damage is derived from pure divine energy, and immunity to fire or heat will not protect the victim. Furthermore, while the inflicted damage can be healed, teh scars are permanent, resisting spells like heat regeneration, even a wish, and penetrating magical disguises including shape shifting powes and illusions. Only after the victim has made amends for his crime can the scars be removed. In any case, the mark of the brotherhood is negated if so triggered.

The purpose of this spell is to allow recipients to recognize one another and know who their friends are. It also serves to vindicate recipients who are falsely accused of some transgression agaisnt the clan or religion. If the charges were accurate, the defendant would bear the scars as proof.

The materialcomponent is a special steel coin bearing the priest’s clan insignia on one side and the symbol of Zazel on the other. Still hot form teh forge, this symbol is clasped between the palms of the recipient (inflicing 1d4 damage) and the spell is cast. While the component appears to be absorbed into the recipient’s flesh, i tis actually consumed when the priest touches the subject.

Zazel’s Greed

Sphere: Divination
Level: 3
Range: 10 yards / level
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 3
Area of Effect: 10’-path
Saving Throw: none

The priest who casts this spell can determine the single most valuable item within the spell’s range and area of effect. Note, however, that the information gained through this spell involves an item’s monetary value only; it does not detect magical auras, so magical items are only as valuable as the materials from which they are made. In any case, the caster learns the exact value of the item.

The use of this spell is not without risks. For ever 1,000gp value of the item detected with this spell, there is a 1% cumulative chance that Zazel himself takes notice of the item and desires it for himself. If this occurs, there is an equal chance that Zazel sends an avatar to retrieve the object. Obviously, a priest of Zazel would be wise not to resist the avatar’s claim of the item.

Under no circumstances does the avatar become involved in the daily affairs of the priest or those around him. Its sole purpose is to retrieve the desired item and return with it to Zazel. Any attempt to prevent the avatar from carrying out its duty will be dealt with accordingly.

Crypt Ward (Abjuration, Enchanment/Chart) Reversible

Sphere: Guardian
Level: 4
Range: Special
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 Hour
Area of Affect: 100 square feet
Saving Throw: None

This spell is cast over a dwarven tomb or crypt. If the tomb is larger than the spell’s area of effect, additional castings can ensure that he entire crypt complex benefits form teh spell. Otherwise, the spell is only effective in its 100 square foot area.

Once the crypt ward is in place, it causes the dwarven remains interred therein to animate temporarily in order to protect teh tomb from grave robbers. Whenever an intruder enters teh spells area of offect, teh dwarven bones contained therein ris up and attack. The animated dwarves attack as fighters equal to one-third the casters level at the time of the crypt ward and possess 5hp per level. Thus, a crypt ward cast by a 12th level priest will product 4th-level dwarves who possess 20hp each. Note, however, the animated dwarves are not actually undead creatures; teh effect is similiar to how wizards animate weapons with the enchanted weapon spell. Also note that the dwarves will not animate and attack other dwarves, so long as the visiting dwarves are not attempting to plunder the tomb. Other races are not so fortunate if not accompanied with a dwarf.

In any case, the dwarves animated by this spell can not leave the spell’s area of effect. If intruders flee that area, the dwarves return to their resting places unitl the next intrusion. If the animated dwarves are ‘slain’, it should be assumed that their remains have been destroyed.

Dispel magic cannot negate a crypt ward, but a limited wish, wish or remove crypt ward can, as does the destruction of the crypt complex itself.

The reverse of this spell, remove crypt ward, enable sthe caster to negate a crypt ward. In most dwaven enclaves, rmeove crypt ward is reserved for those rare times when the dwarven remains must be transported to a new site. Note, however, that the priest attempting to rmeove the crypt ward must be of equal or greater level than the caster of teh crypt ward when the spell was set in place.

IT is said that the dwarven priests of old were far stronger than those of today, so it is likely that, in turly ancient dwarven strongholds, there are crypt wards that cannot be removed by modern priests.

The material components for both versions of teh spell are the casters holy symbol and the ritual sacrifice of 10,000gp worth of precious metals and minerals.

Zazel’s Favor (Conjuration/Summoning)

Sphere: Summoning
Level: 5
Range: Special
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 1 hour
Area of Affect: Special
Saving Throw: Special

When dwarven enclaves fall on hard economical times, this spell can be used to help put the community back on it’s feet. When cast, the spell summons a lock of Zazel’s hair, which turns into gold within 24 hours after its arrival. The golden lock is worht between 2,000 – 8,000 gp. It does not radiate magic, nor can it be dispelled or negated.

Despite the usefulness of this spell, it has two important restrictions:

First, the spell must be cast on behalf of a suffering dwarven enclave, and the acquired gold must be used to help the enclave through its difficult times. If the gold is used for any other purpose, espeically and evil or selfish purpose, the gold is forfeit and vanishes immediately.

Second, the caster must be Zazel’s high priest.

If these conditions are not met, Zazel simply refuses to grant the spell.

The matierall component for this spell is the caster’s holy symbol. The casting time accoutns for other factors in teh spell’s casting, such as prayer, meditation and hte like.


Scroll of Zazel

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