Chronicles of Danurium

Wait. We Forgot the Loot.

They wake up and head down for breakfast.

Myto, Aldo and Bee head to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. Bee stays to pray. Brother Hatas talks to Aldo. He tells him he is the new Lord Commander of Marsilon. That he is building a defensive force. Aldo asks for the Kelron Monks to do some mental training with the new guard.

Hatas says that Brother Jeremiah has sent word asking if the quest for the
Eye of the Seer is complete. Aldo indicates they have it. Hatas lets him know they have a group heading to Thinul today that can transport it.

Skullman and Gryvine head to the alchemist. They ask Rilla for an update on the antidote. She says it is still weeks out. They head over to Blackmoor Trading Company|BTC. They are greeted by Tiarodaw and ask for Irgban. They discuss what they need to get started.

They head over to bank. Vesden greets them. They withdraw 1000 platinum and head back to the BTC to drop it off. Then they go back and return the strong box they borrowed.

They head to grab the horses and meet Parametheus and then go to the Monastery. Gryvine gives Hatas a bag with the orb and tells them good luck. Everyone heads to Didar. They buy Parm plate mail, a shield and a short sword.

They head out of Marsilon, traveling all day. They make camp and wake up for breakfast and head out. They stop for lunch and rest the horses. They get to the edge of the swamp and then make camp. They have an uneventful evening. Wake up. Eat.

Skullman talks to the horses and tells them they will be back for them in a bit. Aldo does some combat training with Parm. Rocks come flying towards Skullman and they see a troll fast approaching. Myto start to focus on an Elephant and prays to Kelron. No matter what they do they can’t keep the troll dead. It keeps regenerating. They put the tree in a web on a on tree and burn it only turn and find the body rising from the swamp with a new head. They decide to run to the entrance of the Temple of the Swamp. Once there they fell the troll and burn it while on the mound.

They head into the Temple to retrieve the chest they left. Aldo is hit by a dart trap. They pick up the chest and start carrying it out. Gryvine gives Parm magical strength. They finally haul the check out and get back to camp. They eat. Aldo trains Parm. They all get a good nights rest.

They pack up in the morning. Spreading the coins over multiple saddle bags and tying the box to Parm’s horse. They go half a day and then water, eat and rest.

They travel the rest of the day and then make camp. Up early they pack up and head out. They stop at noon to rest the horses and eat. They travel the rest of the day making camp for the night.

Up early they head out and hit Marsilon by mid day. They stable the horses. Giving Parm a hard time. They head to the The Wild Pig to eat and drink. Then go to the bank and desposit funds. Aldo tells Parm to clean his gear and then they head to the Marsilon Inn to crash.



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