Chronicles of Danurium

Trust No One. The Gate is Near.

Party decides to head East. Enter into “A stack of water-filled barrels stands against the north wall, A pair of boots lies in the north-west corner of the room.”. ”/characters/zandar" class=“wiki-content-link”>Zandar goes to check boots. Dabonk goes to check water. JimmyWayne does three steps forward three steps back. Water looks normal, smells fine.

JimmyWayne tells everyone that boots are magical and grabs Dabonk hand. JW draws something and shows Dabonk. Zandar puts on boots. Tries 3 forward two backward. Zander and JimmyWayne argue about how magic works. Dabonk tells Zandar to drink water, so he does. JW tries to detect magic on water. Sees nothing.

Zandar rolls under half open door into "Several square holes are cut into the ceiling and floor, Skeletons hang from chains and manacles against the west wall”. Dabonk follows. Zandar thinks there is a trap. They see a chest at end of room. Dabonk/Mortem set off fire trap. Dabonk gets burned. Mortem looks and finds a stone that tipped up. Mortem steps on trap and Dabonk, JW and Mortem take fire to themselves.

Zandar tries to open the box and fails. Dabonk tries to figure it out and can’t. Mortem slashes box open and silver spills every where. They leave silver. They head out the West door. Zandar pulls on door and activates trap. Falls 10’ and impales self on spike. JW tells Dabonk he is going to make him light and lower him to get the rope. Half way down Dabonk falls. Dabonk / JW start fighting. Dabonk tries to lift off and over shoots it and Zandar falls back on the spike. Tries again same thing. Dabonk heals Zandar. Dabonk lifts him up and off. Dabonk prays to Kelron. Dabonk tries multiple times to get rope and fails. Mortem ties rope around and tries pulling up. Mortem pulls both up no problem.

Zandar jumps across to other side no problem. "A toppled statue lies in the center of the room, An overwhelming stench fills the room.” Zander goes to jump back and floor drops down. Dabonk finds mechanical stuff in the west wall. Dabonk and Zander get pulled back out by Mortem.

Dabonk looks for traps. Finds good lock. Zander tries to unlock and can’t. Mortem cuts hole in door.

Zandar peaks in "The south and west walls have been engraved with glowing symbols, Someone has scrawled “left, door, right, right” on the north wall “ JW did detect magic and saw dim light. Dabonk can read it and shares “Crismon Gate Tower”.

Party starts searching room. They start melee as Orcs bust in through wall. JW puts them to sleep and they start with multiple waves. Halfway through JW tells them in Orcish to drop weapons. They instantly do and bow down. He demands “why are you attacking me”. They start to snivel and apologize profusely. “We saw movement at the gate.” “Why haven’t you done anything yet?” “We were on our way"

Zandar start praying to Kelron. JW tells him to stop. Zandar leaves room. JW tells them he is mad and upset. Demands life sacrifice. They both kill themselves. JW asks to accompany to gate. Tries open door and it is stuck. He starts running back through rooms. Runs into Zandar and falls and trips and dies on spikes. JW and Zandar start arguing.

They go back into room with runes and setup camp. They sleep for several hours. Zandar feels rumbling and wakes Dabonk. They look around and don’t see anything. Then they start talking about JW. Dabonk asks how can you trust me? Kelron speaks to Zandar. Tells him he has the mark of Zazel Brotherhood.

Dabonk & Zandar hear noises. Zander goes to look and gets hit. Kobolds attack. Dabonk says “Repent and die quick”. “Turn to Kelron and I will help you kill Nerull.” They make easy work. Zandar punching like mad man. After fight they talk abut JW.

They back track through the dungeon until they come into “The scent of urine fills the north-east corner of the room, A pair of boots lies in the north-west corner of the room.” JW tries to detect magic. Gets nothing.

Head south into "Someone has scrawled “Sharpen thy blade and ready thy shield” on the north wall, A pile of broken arrows lies in the south-east corner of the room.” JW searches room for magic. Finds glowing rectangle. Zander puts rope over it to outline it. Try picking lock. Try smashing. Try sword. Can’t break or open it. Start moving it. Outline box with broken arrows.

Zandar prays to Kelron. He is told to seek clarity. Dabonk has a feeling this has to be open. They have been given direction about sticks. Then remember a wand. They try using it without luck. JW says “Dissolve Stick”. It appears with no lock. Full of platinum.

Go North and find "Someone has scrawled “Ran out of fire sticks” in orcish runes on the south wall, A rotting odor fills the room.” Head back out and continue on.

Enter "A tile labyrinth covers the floor, A sundered mace lies in the south-west corner of the room”. Jimmy tries to detect magic. Sees glowing door. Zander tries to open and gets gassed. Tries to use iron crow bar. Nothing is opening door. Dabonk hits door with mace. They re-route another way.

Zandar opens the door. Zandar opens another door. Enters into "A carved stone statue stands in the south-east corner of the room, Someone has scrawled “The curse can never be broken” in dwarvish runes on the south wall"

Zandar disarms trap and goes down to "A forge and anvil sit in the north- east corner of the room.” As they search the room JW and Mortem fall 30’ down into pit. They pull them out. Tear mask off JW and throw in pit. Switch his clothes. They decide to camp.

JW wakes and asks about his mask being gone. Lots of rest. Last of rations expired. Can’t get through door try everything and detect it as magic.

Go through archway instead "A faded and torn tapestry hangs from the east wall, Numerous humanoid skulls are scattered throughout the room”. Start searching room. Black out. End up back in room with statue and sunken room. Mortem tracks lots of creatures into the wall. JW tries to detect message and gets blinded by light. Zander prays to Kelron about a wall. Kelron scoffs at this.

Zandar scales wall and drops rope to JW. They hustle back to the origination point. Along the way. Enter room “A ladder ascends to a balcony hanging from the north wall, The scent of urine fills the north side of the room.”

Zandar opens door into "Spirals of black stones cover the floor, Someone has scrawled “silver, jade, azure, crimson” on the north wall”. Party decides to stop for rest.



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