Chronicles of Danurium

Trapped with Another Face

Dabonk tries to open door to the south and can’t. Zandar does with ease. They enter into a room:
An unexplained breeze can be felt in the south-west corner of the room, Several pieces of trash are scattered throughout the room. They find a door that they can’t open. They search and find a chain on the wall. Zandar breaks it off.

Mortem shoves sword in wall but can’t cut through it. Zandar gets the nick name lady fingers. JimmyWayne figures out how it works and that they broke it. Dabonk figures out a way to repair it. Zandar repairs it. Open door and come back to throne room. As they enter Zandar and Dabonk super tired. They all retreat back into the torture room.

Party goes to sleep. Wakes to noises. Zandar tries to hide to find noise and gets attacked by a Kobold. JimmyWayne tells last kobold to drop weapon. Kobold screams back “Die Kelron”. JimmyWayne kills him.

Head back into torture room. Get some sleep. Hear more noises. Zandar goes to investigate. More Kobolds. Dabonk demands they repent. They respond Nerull never dies. JimmyWayne drop your weapon and we will let you live. Respond with “Nerull never dies”.

Party goes back to sleep. Hear more noises. Repeat. More Kobolds. They can’t wake up JimmyWayne. “Damn dog servants die and I will kill you quick”. Response “Give up Kelron slime. Nerull never dies”. Dabonk does hold person on Kobold. Mortem and Dabonk put him in cage.

In Kobold. “How many are you?” … “Nerull will make your suffering endless”.

Interrogation begins.

Zandar comes up with idea to use masks and act like a demon to scare it into submission.

JimmyWayne puts on mask and comes in and acts like casting spell on Dabonk.

Kobold freaks out and starts talking about Ardum. Screams he didn’t tell them. He demands he never told them about opening the portal and passes out.

Mask is stuck party decides to rest. Hear more things. JimmyWayne sticks head in.

JimmyWayne gets lured into the room by a beautiful vixen.

JimmyWayne & Dabonk argue about what happened. Go back to sleep. Hear something in other room. Dabonk heads in and sees Crismon Sickle priest unlocking cage and casts hold person on him. Zandar & Mortem put him to death. JimmyWayne puts the crimson sickle robes on to complete the costume.

They decide to move along. Enter into room, A stone stair descends towards the west wall, Someone has scrawled “Death is the only exit” on the west wall. Zandar triggers a spear trap. Then looks for more. No one can open door. Mortem sword won’t even penetrate it. They decide to circle back to try to get north.

Enter into "A group of draconic faces have been carved into the east wall, A stream of quicksilver flows into a shallow pool in the south-east corner of the room “.

Zandar puts half staff in and it chrome plates it.

Move into "A large demonic idol with ruby eyes sits in the south-east corner of the room, A pile of rotten bread lies in the west side of the room”. Shriekers start screaming. Dabonk cast silence. Party kills them. Recognize that idol matches mask of Arum. Mortem tries to remove rubies and can’t. JimmyWayne touches and suggests moving on.

Move through portcullis to the north. A narrow shaft descends from the room into a plundered tomb below, A briny odor fills the room. Start to get attacked by orcs. JimmyWayne puts them to sleep. Party takes care of them. They save one to interrogate. Then decide to kill him.

Move into room Someone has scrawled “Three steps forward, two steps back” on the south wall, A pair of boots lies in the west side of the room”. Zandar puts on boots and does dance. Sees radiating magic. JimmyWayne does the same with them.



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