Chronicles of Danurium

Rainbow Flower For Your Soul

Tonarr the jailer and Tarsan come looking for Tas and Zaroc. Storming into the Inn and demanding Garxche turn the human and the gnome over. Garxche points them to their room and says he is staying out of it.

All the commotion wakes up Shook who comes down as Tonarr is grabbing Tas who is feebly trying to escape his clutches. Tarsan knocks him down and shackles him, escorting him out of the inn. Shook curious follows the parade to the jail. Shook attempts to enter the jail and is denied by the guard.

He demands in and Tonarr comes out and tells him to leave. He continues to insist and out comes Tarsan who thumps him the chest knocking him across the road telling him to get lost. He dusts himself off and saunters off. He catches a glimpse of Tas in the jail cell through the bars. Tas is feverishly trying to get out of the jail. Despite his attempts Shook has no luck getting Tas to tell him much of anything.

Shook heads back to the in and asks Garxche about Zaroc, but doesn’t get anywhere. Garxche panics as his dear friend Oblivary hasn’t come in for breakfast. He is worried with all the murders on the farm and Tarsan’s rage that perhaps something has happened to him. He asks Shook to check on him in exchange for a free night at the Inn.

Shook finds Oblivary hard at work and very distracted, but in good health. Shook heads back to the in and gives Garxche an update. He gives him some bread and drink to take back to Oblivary, which Shook gladly does.

He then heads over to the prison but sees no sign of Tas in the window. He again pleads with the guard to let him in, but is refused. Finally Tonarr turns up and tells him it is time to leave or he will be imprisoned.

Oblivary tries to give Zaroc a potion, but with little luck. Zaroc can’t keep it down and pukes it back up and passes out.

Shook heads back to the inn dejected to eat breakfast.

Oblivary gives another attempted potion to Zaroc. It smells foul but goes right down. Zaroc feels the urge to puke up his guts but instead just erupts with the most hideous and foul smelling belch. Feeling fantastic afterwards. He gets up ready to go, but Oblivary demands payment. Saying that Tas promised to bring flowers, but has not returned. Zaroc agrees to give Oblivary his soul as payment in two days if he does not return with the flower. Oblivary puts on a ring that binds to Zaroc and knocks him out. Upon awaking he runs to the inn.

He finds Shook sitting eating breakfast and the begin to argue about the events of the past day. They head over to Doech as instructed by Oblivary to find where the flowers are located. Doech tells them about how Hinar shared with him while drinking that he had flowers that shot light. He tells them where Hinar lives.

The two friends immediately head out to Hinar’s farm. For most of the way they argue about money and the mess they have found themselves in. They pass three farmers one of them named Sondast with little trouble. Finally the reach the Hinar farm. They cut through the corn field and Zaroc is attacked by a snake. He is bitten many times before finally cutting off the snakes head. The sounds alert Hinar who heads over to the corn field. Shook jumps out and cuts him badly, but not before Hinar sinks his sickle into Shook knocking him out.

Zaroc now with the snake behind him stands up and draws his bow putting an arrow through his eye in a single shot. Hinar’s son comes running out of the barn towards Zaroc. Zaroc hits him in the shoulder with an arrow knocking him down.

Zaroc attempts to help Shook up but can’t wake him. Hinar’s son gets up and hit’s Zaroc from behind falling down and striking him with the broad side of the sword. Zaroc kills him stabbing him in the neck. Zaroc gets Shook up and then starts puking. He isn’t feeling so well.

Zaroc and Shook enter the barn and find nothing. They head over to the house and turn it upside down. In the bed room they find Hinar’s wife. Zaroc grabs her by the hair, despite her blood curdling screams, and slits her throat. Shook finds a strong box in the kitchen while Zaroc falls in pain unable to move. Shook searches every body for a key with no luck. Zaroc is moaning and puking uncontrollably eventually passing out as Shook picked the lock on the strong box. Finding flowers and a dagger.

Shook drags Zaroc a quarter mile before stopping exhausted to sleep. Wild dogs come up on them and start to eat and gnaw at the leather armor attracted to the dried puke on Zaroc. When the third dog arrives Shook hits one of the dogs with his bo stick killing it and scaring off the other dogs.

Shook continues to drag Zaroc running into a peasant who demands to know where Hinar is. The peasant begins to run towards the house as Hinar follows him and assasinates him from behind. Shook pulls all the bodies into the field and heads back to Zaroc to continue dragging him back to Farburn.

Another peasant passes by without noticing them. Finally Zaroc wakes up and they both limp back to town passing another peasant without issue. They head into the inn where Kelray is appalled at their blood stained appearance. They head straight to their room. Shook hides the strong box and they both pass out.



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