Chronicles of Danurium

Magic Is Everywhere. Don't Forget Kelron

The party rests. Dabonk reads book and is absolutely enthralled. Zandar tries to read book but just is not quite feeling it.

They finally get a good night of sleep.

They decide to head out and encounter a stuck door. Mortem tries to open. Dabonk tries to open and can’t. Zandar tries and opens door.

The room has hexagon tiles. Th East wall says “Istryrd stands here, slain by a basilisk”.. Istryrd was a human queen of Thinul. Rumor her son Gyles was the off spring of ”/wikis/nerull" class=“wiki-page-link”> Nerull. King Reyney sentenced her to death and she disappeared while being held. Statue of a woman in the corner.

Mortem explains what a basilisk is and how they turn people to stone.

Zandar states maybe that there is no way out. JimmyWayne panics and forces everyone to head back out. They get to where they entered.

Dabonk & Mortem try to open door and can’t get it open. Zandar opens it. Mortem walks through and gets blown back into room. Knocking the wind out of everyone. Zandar prays to Kelron and is chastised for a lack of faith.

Zandar goes to leave and door shuts behind him. Dabonk tries to open it. They can’t. Zandar turns back and opens door just fine.

They head back down the hall. They run into kobolds. JimmyWayne puts them to sleep and the party coup de gras them. They try to open the door unsuccessfully. Zandar goes back and searches bodies and finds an iron bar and uses it to unlock the door. Upon entering they see “Has anyone seen my invisible cloak?” and a pile of shattered weapons.

The go into a room and find "_____ killed a demon here.” and a chained shirt.

Go into next room and find three shriekers. They struggle to kill them as a piercer falls on them multiple times. Mortem hit by piercer.

Dabonk removes piercer and gets burned. Heals up Mortem. Dabonk goes to kill. They find a box. Zandar breaks it and copper goes everywhere.

Go into a room and see red stones, “In the Spring of Storms, the Sword of Cauldrons shall be restored."

Find chest of copper.

Go next room and find anvil and forge. Dabonk finds forge mis set. Find iron box with 1000sp under it. JimmyWayne copies down glyphs in his spell book.

Mortem discovers missing bricks and finds a tunnel. Crawl through tunnel into a room with a demon scrawled on the wall and a stinky shrimp odor.

Go through portcullis and find papers and latern and bed. JimmyWayne puts paper in his bag. Dabonk breaks bed.

They Sleep and read.

Go into a room with tile labyrinth covers floor and rotten bread on the floor.

Mortem puts sword into wall. Amazed at its sharpest. Mortem cuts a whole in wall. Dabonk pushes block in and it sets a fire trap. He crawls in and finds a new room.

12 orcs attack. JimmyWayne puts 7 to sleep. They struggle to take care of business but finally do. Green glowing liquid down side with torches in iron sconces. Mortem sticks sword in and it begins to bubble and make noise.

Drop orcs into the channel. Skin melts off to the bone.

Move to a room to the south.

Walk into a room with demonic masks with several iron cages. Put demonic mask in backpack. Cages have nothing but rags. Whistle found.

Walk into A rope ascends to a balcony hanging from the east wall, Several torches are scattered throughout the room. Mortem climbs rope finds empty balcony.

Try to open door can’t go to the south. A stone dais and throne sits in the east side of the room, Someone has scrawled “Reta died here” on the east wall

Reta was a name of a ship that discovered Blackmoor.

JimmyWalker sits on throne.

A ladder ascends to a wooden platform in the south-east corner of the room, A mural of an air goddess (Ninla, old forgotten God) covers the ceiling.

Digging for electrum pieces. Rot worms infest Dabonk and Mortem. Zandar puts tourniquets on them. Zandar cuts out the worm from Dabonk. Dabonk prays to Kelron for help. Then applies fire to Mortem’s leg.

Move into a sloped pit lined with iron spikes lies in the south-east corner of the room, Someone has scrawled a large X on the south wall.

Walk into room howling can be heard in the north-east corner of the room. A pile of iron blobs lies in the center of the room

JimmyWayne steps on tile and opens a secret door leading into… Several iron cages are scattered throughout the room, A briny odor fills the east side of the room. JimmyWayne searching the cages finds a wand.

Head south to Several iron cages are scattered throughout the room, Someone has scrawled “The curse can never be broken” in orcish runes on the south wall . Found scroll with 4 priest spells. Body with moderate level rankings. Kelron priests robe with skelton.
4th – Mental Domination
6th – Legal Thoughts
1st – Thought Capture
5th – Mind Shatter



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