Chronicles of Danurium

Lord Commander Aldo

Everyone wakes up. Kalen tells them that Publius has been waiting for them at Blackmoor Trading Company here in town.

Gryvine and Aldo head to the BTC outpost.

They say hello to Irgban and ask for Publius. He tells them Publius waited for days and headed back to Blackmoor. They review the plans with Irgban and decide on the basics. Three story tower. Two story buildings.

They then head to the stables. They greet Parametheus who thanks them for bringing back the saddle. Aldo asks when Parm will be a “real hero”. Parm shows him his homegrown training ground. Aldo offers to train him if Lord Darust will agree. They all head out to Darust’s.

Darust greets them and chastises Parm for not being at the stable doing his job. They offer to help build a stronghold and build a city guard, but ask for financial help. Darust offers to pay for half of the wall cost, the difference in cost to make it three stories.

He also offers Aldo the position of Lord Commander of Marsilon. Telling him he needs three dozen guards. Aldo counters saying he will do it if he lets him train Param and hire a captain. He gives Aldo a crested pendant making it official.

They head back to the BTC and update changes to make the building bigger. The BTC asks for a downpayment to get started. Off to the The Wild Pig to celebrate they go.

Skullman heads to visit Fabijan.

Skullman turns into a pigeon and flies to Fabijan. He asks about the Circle of Fergus. He finds out that Fabijan is the 5th Circle and explains the hierarchy. Fabijan tells him that Genys will reveal herself in the near future to him. Skull man transforms back to a pigeon and heads back to the Wild Pig where he turns human and enters to find his friends.

Myto goes to Wilbert’s.

Myto sells the bear, wolf and mountain lion pelts that he forgot to the day before. Myto decides to go hunting. He tracks for a while finding only wild sheep. He almost gives up for the day but finds some wild pig tracks. He kills a few. He then heads to the Wild Pig where he sells Blamhammer the pig.

Bee goes to the monastery after seeing off Jelica.

All at the Wild Pig. Aldo names Blamhammer Captain of the Guard. Tells him to go and get 36 recruits for the guard. They start to discuss barracks for the guard. They ask Parm and says he will get a land grant from Darust and suggests having the recruits build their own housing as part of their training. Parm leaves to talk to his dad. Everyone else goes to bed.



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