Chronicles of Danurium

In Kelron's Favor

The party exhausted from the dungeon crawl head out toward the horses. While mucking through the swamp they are ambushed by bullywugs. As two jump up towards Myto, Gryvine unloads a magical web on them. Bee starts her prayer to Kelron and fires up a spiritual hammer. Aldo starts swinging and Gryvine grabs ahold and unloads his electrical magic.

The electricity runs through the bullywug and into the swamp electrocuting the entire party, but effectively killing most of the bullywug’s. Bee cast curelight wounds on Myto and Jelica. Aldo and Myto helped clean up the riff raff as Gryvine light up his hands to finish off those that were webbed. Bee prays over Jelica and heals herself and Myto.

They finally get back to the horses and eat lunch. Bee asks Jelica if she wants to pray. Bee and Jelica talk about Kelron. Everyone prays and studies while Aldo trains. Aldo notices his horse is missing. Myto offers to track the missing horse. They split the treasure they had up among the horses and saddled up. Jelica riding with Bee and Aldo riding Myto’s horse. They tracked the horse for about 3.5 miles and finally found it. They decided to camp for the night.

Myto sees a mountain lion and takes a shot hitting it, but then attacked by another from the tree above. Gryvine wakes the others up. He electrocutes the one on Myto. Bee starts chanting. Gryvine entangles the other one in a web. Myto yells to not crush it. Skullman heals the animal and frees it. Myto skins the mountain lion that was slain. They go back to sleep.

In the morning the eat and head out. Going through the hunting grounds they run into a hunter and then stop for lunch Skullman talks to the horses and he lets everyone know they are hurting and need more rest. They let them rest and then get to the road. Going a few miles before making camp.

Gryvine cooks mountain lion stew. Bee talks to Jelica and learns of her husband Omet (deceased) and their boys. Jelica says she is a cheese maker. They soon fall asleep.

They wakeup eat, packup and head out. They see soldiers on the road up ahead, but never catchup to them. they break for camp. Eat, study and pray. Bee teaches Jelica more about Kelron. They go to sleep.

Skullman hears something and alerts Gryvine who sees eyes and wakes up the party. Hobgoblin’s attacked. Myto attacks, Gryvine puts them into a web. Bee does a hold on one of them. Aldo and Myto continue slicing and dicing. Gryvine grabs a hold and does a electrocution. Skullman starts chanting and out come the insects. After the blood bath they go back to sleep.

Myto heals Aldo. Bee also heals Aldo. They load up the horses and head out. They run into Thinul guards at the edge of town. They refuse to let them enter. Bee shows her marking as Cleric of Sol. They let them pass.

They head to the Thinulian Bank. Aldo suggests they give the money to Jelica. Bee explains to Jelica that they are giving her 10 thinul, 1 silver, 1 electrum and 32 copper pieces. Jelica starts to weep and thanks Bee excessively. Aldo offers to arrange for Jelica to travel to Blackmoor. They deposit money at the bank.

They head over to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. Brother Hatas opens the door. Gryvine donates 600 silver. Aldo donates 300 silver. Bee gives 1 thinul and 300 silver. Skullman donates 185 silver. Myto gives 75 thinul and 800 silver.

Jelica and Bee head to the back and start talking about Kelron.

Myto and Aldo head to the stables. Aldo heads back to the Inn. Myto goes to Wilbert’s. He brings out the mountain lion pelt. He gets the 80 drow bolts that Gryvine had ordered. Then he headed to the Inn. Myto gives the bolts to Gryvine and tells him that Sergius is pissed off.

Gryvine and Skullman head to Sprig’s. They sell gems to Sprig and invite him to drink later in the night. They head to Marsilon Inn to crash.

Jelica and bee head back to the inn. Rotas tells them that Sergius has been in every day complaining. She mentions how cute his brother is. Gryvine buys drinks for everyone. Aldo and Sprig have a heavy drinking session.

Sergius and Enden are angry and start to get upset with Gryvine. He pays them 20 thinul and sends them to Blackmoor to get protection and more miners. Sprig says he will go with them. They will also take Jelica. Gryvine lays down enough coin to pay for their drinks for the night. Everyone heads to bed.



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