Chronicles of Danurium

Drow Encounter

The First Drow

The party wakes up and heads over to the The Wild Pig for their regular morning meal. They decide to visitParametheus to see if they can gather information about Lord Darust. Upon arrival to the stables Parametheus is no where to be found. Collectively they decide to head to Lord Darust’s estate to look for him. A female servant answers the door and let’s them know that Parametheus left for the stables early this morning.Gryvine inquired if Darust was in. She let them know he left yesterday and should be back today.
Myto picked up Parametheus’ tracks and followed them back to town. Eventually losing them at the edge of town. However, Parametheus greeted them as he was now at the stables. He let them know he had been running errands. Gryvine probed about how Darust felt about King Thortur. Parametheus said that his father wasn’t too keen on the King and had a lot of mistrust ever since Fergus. He didn’t know where his father had gone, but expected him back tonight.

Several in the group suggested exploring the mountains for the day. Gryvine hinted at checking on Sergius while up in the mountains. Heading up to Sergius’ mine they were ambushed by a group of six Hobgoblins. Gryvine commanded magic missles at two, while Aldo lopped the arm of another. Unexpectedly, Skullman opened a hole in the ground that a swarm of bugs and beetles exited out of an literally at one of the Hobgobins alive. I think he surprised even himself.

When they rode upon the mine the door, a nice new iron and wood creation, was locked shut. Myto picked up a Dwarven trail and followed it for a few hundred yards. There they found Sergius taking a crap. They startled him for a good laugh. He did not find it as amusing as they did, but invited them to stay for lunch. During lunch he showed them the new workings of the door and indicated his brother would be arriving two weeks to start helping clear the mine more quickly.

After lunch the adventurers headed East along the mountain line. Myto spotted a mountain lion and takes off after it. He had been itching to hunt and this was his chance. Skullman always uneasy about such things didn’t fight too hard knowing that kill would be put to good use. Myto pulled up to a spot and put two arrows square in his prey bringing it down without much trouble. Myto skinned it and prepared the meat as Aldo setup camp. Skullman prayed and Gryvine studied. Aldo cooked the meat to perfection providing quite the feast. Everyone slept well and the night was uneventful.

Gryvine and Myto awake and talk about Myto’s new found meditation. Gryvine finds his new belief in Kelron some what comical, but Myto is certain he talked to Kelron and is quickly becoming a devout believer. Several hours pass by and the party finds themselves at the mouth of the cave where they slaughtered kobolds recently. They enter and start exploring. When in the chamber room they find a freshly extinguished fire.

Aldo picks up one of the logs and they light it for a source of better light. Seems they still haven’t found out the value of carrying torches or rope while out exploring. Gryvine spies a scroll cap on the ground, but can’t seem to locate the scroll container it belongs to. All of a sudden, they find themselves under fire from an apparently invisible enemy launching small bolts at them.

Aldo, Skullman and Myto rush towards the source. Several of them taking bolts to the neck and upper body. Skullman gets a quick glimpse and thinks these might be Drow Elves as prophesied by Brother Jeremiah. They decide to leave the cave as they can’t get good enough visuals on the enemy to be effective. While running out, Gryvine is struck with a bolt that immediately knocks him out. Myto hears him fall and turns to run to his aide, pummeling Skullman in the process. Aldo demands Skullman fix his brother. Skullman attempts to without success. Aldo picks up Gryvine and runs for the exit. Myto sees on of the Drow and takes fire hitting him in the shoulder. A second drow comes to help remove the arrow. Myto has a near perfect hit to the second one, square in the back. The first aims his crossbow and puts a bolt in Myto’s neck knocking him to the ground unconscious.

Skullman completely panicked starts to run out. Realizing that he left Myto behind, runs back and starts dragging him out of the cave. Before long he is so out of breath he can no longer drag Myto. He starts screaming for Aldo’s help. About ready to break down and give up he musters a second wind and drags Myto almost all the way out. Finally his continual screams for help are heard by Aldo who enters the cave to help remove Myto.

Skullman mounts up and Aldo attempts to throw Myto on the horse with him, but fails miserably. Dropping Myto and knocking Skullman off the horse. On the second attempt he knocks Skullman off the horse again, but gets Myto to say put. Aldo then puts Gryvine on his horse and mounts up. The two of them leave with horses and fallen friends in tow.

The head straight to the Marsilon Kelron Monastery. As they enter Myto starts to awake. They leave Gryvine to be tended to by Brother Hatas. Aldo in a rage heads with Skullman and Myto in tow to the Blackmoor Trading Company Union. He asks Danturo where he can find equipment to see in the dark. Danturo tells him that only superior races like Dwarves are good at seeing in the dark. Finally, he tells him to check in Blackmoor. Aldo, then heads to Sprig and tells him that he is going to Blackmoor in the morning. Sprig gladly agrees to join.

They head back to the Marsilon Inn and get some sleep. Skullman decides to head to Fabijan and turns into a dog and then a bat and flies there. Fabijan and him have a long conversation about his skills and Fabijan shows him how to control an animal to get control of it’s senses.

In the morning. Myto heads to the monastery to pay homage to Kelron. Gryvine heads to the monastery to talk to Jeremiah. Aldo grabs Sprig and starts loading the wagon. Skullman says good bye to Fabijan and flies back to Inn to pack up.

Jeremiah ask Gryvine to take the Gold Idol with diamond eyes to Blackmoor. He instructs them to sell to BTC. Only at a price so high they refuse. Ultimately, to find the black market and follow it to find out who in the Crismon Sickle is looking for such a thing. He indicates he will travel with them to the fork in the road as he is on his way back to Thinul.

Everyone meet at the Bank and withdraws money for the adventure ahead. Sprig loads an enormous chest full of gems and talks about his excitement to turn this into gold. They travel all afternoon and finally make camp. In the middle of the night Jeremiah is targeted by an arrow. The party awakes and makes quick work of him. On his body they find a bounty note for the head of Jeremiah and a great looking cloak. Jeremiah seems indifferent and goes back to sleep. Not but two hours later they are attacked by the same bolts from the cave. Only this time Myto spots the shooter in a nearby tree and knocks him down with a well placed arrow. A second arrow right to the face puts him down completely. Aldo strips the chainmail off the drow and scalps him putting the scalp in his saddle bag.

Up early the next morning and on the road they encounter ten plus wagons heading towards Marsilon. It is the crew and supplies to start construction on their property. They give instructions to start putting a wall up around the property and they will bring back plans. Twice during the day they are ambushed by Hobgoblin patrols. Each time making easy work of them. Hitting the fork in the road they say their good byes to Jeremiah and head south towards Blackmoor. Shortly there after stoping for camp. After a quiet night they head to the gates of Blackmoor.



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