Chronicles of Danurium

Converging on Jarren's Outpost

New Party Forming

Zandar gets word from his father [[:dobbin, Dobbin]] who is Thinul that he needs to head to Marsilon to meet with Brother Jeremiah.

JimmyWayne has heard of great magic and mystery in Marsilon. He leaves Blackmoor to travel to JarrensOutpost.

Dabonk getting on the nerves of his elders in Blackmoor is shipped off to Marsilon for duty by way of JarrensOutpost
Dabonk: Dwarf Priest

Mortem has heard of pair of brothers who have built a mining operation in Marsilon. One is rumored to be a great warrior. He takes off for Marsilon and heads to JarrensOutpost.

The four find themselves in the local tavern talking about their dreams and journey towards Marsilon. They decide traveling in numbers is safest and so they decided to head out together.

The travel along the road for several hours and are ambushed by 7 Kobolds. They kill four of them and the other three scurry away.

They continue along the road and have encounter with a few Thinul guards. They ask about the great warrior in Marsilon and are told of the Mighty Aldo. Inquiring about Brother Jeremiah reveals that there is a lot going on at the Marsilon Kelron Monastery and he has not been around lately.

After a long day of travel they make camp. They hear some noise off in the forest. They get into a tussel with a four wild pigs. Putting an end to them all.

They pick up camp and move to the other side of the road. As they cross an owl swoops down to attack and Zandar knocks it out of the air mid fight. A most impressive feat.

After some light sleep the head on their way. Mid day they spot ~15 people on horses at the fork in the road. They appear to be priests of the Crismon Sickle. In sheer fear they run into the forest to hide.

Zandar gets an uncontrollable urge from Kelron to push forward and attack. He heads straight towards the group. A massive battle ensues of the most epic variety. It appears as if Kelron and Nerull are having it out .

Nerull points his priests to attack the group. Half charge the other half head in the other direction. The party notices they have a lady in distress that is being whisked away. As Zandar charges in he finds new magic and powers taking care of those at his disposal with little effort. The rest of the group has the same fortune. Nerull infuriated raises his Sickle and charges on ward. As he approaches Kelron appears and they engage. Both shooting straight up into the sky.

Mortem tracks the group that got away. They make their way to a Temple of Nerull.

They descend down into the Temple. They find a stuck door and open it. In the room is a pool. Mortem puts his arm in and it tingles a bit. They head out and into another room finding nothing. They break a door and find a room with a Shrieker that begins wailing. Next to an idol of Nerull. The shrieking attracts a group of orcs from an adjoining room and the melee begins. The party nearly decimated finally puts the last orc down. Retiring for the day.

shrieker plus orcs.. neural idol



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