Chronicles of Danurium

Ambush Gone Bad

Zaroc and Tas wake up. Shook already headed off. Zaroc is paid by the Qualrak for killing Tiniris. Zaroc and Tas meet and wander the city. They are approached by Clead to kill Tarsan to cover up his love affair with Tarsan’s wife.

They head outside of town and hide their horse and sit beside the road waiting for Tarsan. After a long while a peasant goes by and they are not discovered. Then a group of bandits go by, they are almost discovered as Zaroc makes a slight misstep.

Finally after what seems like an eternity Tarsan turns up. They attempt to ambush him, but his experience lets hime see right through their ways and he nearly brings Zaroc to death. As Zaroc lays bleeding to death another peasant from town meanders past looting Zaroc of his possessions. Before he can escape Tas kills him and loads up Zaroc and heads back to town.

Tas finds the local apothecary, Oblivary and pleads with him to help aid restoring Zaroc back to health. He asks them to investigate some flowers in return for his help. Sending them to Doech, the cooper who has a lead on who has them.

Tas goes back to the Inn and finds Doech. He starts a conversation and gets him to tell him that Hinar, a farmer a few miles West of town, has some crazy flowers. He takes the cart and horse to the stable and sells them. He then heads out on Zaroc’s horse to teh farm out side of town and tries to figure out if it is Hinar’s.

Shook spent the day trying to gain information about the Liar’s Den and how the city operates. He came back in the evening looking for Zaroc and could not find him. He was told by Garxche that he saw him with a shady looking Gnome but that he had just left and there was no sight of Zaroc. Shook turned in for the night after having an ale.

Unable to find any clues Tas heads back to the inn for sleep.



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