A World Divided


Danurium has been a world divided for some time. Those serving Nerull and those serving Kelron. They have avoided conflict for centuries by settling lands and respecting the boundaries of the rulers that oversee them. That is until a bitter battle erupts between good and evil itself. The center of Danurium has become a breeding ground for the horde assembled by Nerull to take revenge on Kelron in an attempt to upset the balance.


World at War

Danurium is about to see a century long battle between the Gods on its surface and in its core. Kings must make their allegiances. Heros must pick who they will defend. No one will be unaffected. A world once scarce of magic and short on religious piety is about to be turned inside out. Which side will you pick?

The Heros

  • Aldo a human fighter with bravado, looking to show what he is made of.
  • Bee a elven Cleric of Sol sent to protect the (chosen one).
  • Gryvine a human magic user and brother of Aldo. Skeptical of the forces at play, but fascinated by the power of wielding magic.
  • Myto a half-elf ranger who is extremely loyal to Kelron and deemed the “chosen one”.
  • Skullman a half-elf druid that is restoring balance to the Circle of Fergus.
  • Zandar
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The Chronicles of Danurium is an Advanced Dungeon & Dragons (1st/2nd Edition Blend) campaign/world being built using the Microscopic approach to world building. Starting in the small town of Marsilon and expanding out as the characters explore. The goal is to build a rich world for those playing to grow within. A secondary goal is to have content for a world that other GM’s could run campaigns in. Feedback is appreciated. Also, ideas you may have for storylines, plots, etc would great to see. We play in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.

Chronicles of Danurium

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